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 Execu/Tech software currently uses two payment services: Shift4 and WorldPay.

Execu/Tech Systems software DOES NOT store sensitive cardholder data. We do not store the track data, the card number, or the expiration date. Credit cards are tokenized and processed in a secure manner that ensures your PCI compliance and that you maintain the highest levels of cardholder data security.
There are no credit card numbers stored in Execu/Tech software. Don't ask us to retrieve credit card numbers for you because it's impossible. Contact either Shift4 or WorldPay for assistance.


WorldPay Credit Card Processing

Shift4 Credit Card Processing


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Note: Some older customers who have never had a credit card interface may be missing a required Microsoft control - MSWINSCK.OCX. 

  • You can download MSWINSCK.OCX here
  • After downloading it, extract it and place it in the Execu/Tech software folder. 
  • You must then run Register Programs and Controls.

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