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Hotel PMS - Other Settings

Other Hotel Settings are important when configuring Execu/Suite® property management system to your property's preferences and policies.

Configuration Settings may be used to customize certain settings to your preferences or requirements.

Enable PDF Saving tells you what you need to "print" to a PDF or save documents to a PDF within Execu/Tech.

Terminal ID Number Codes-Batch Terminals 
is used to assign terminal numbers to any workstations where "batches" are created.  These include workstations where employees will process direct bill, general ledger, accounts payable, payroll, and inventory control.  Please read this information if your staff will do any of those functions.

Email Settings explains the setup and configuration information needed to email confirmation letters, thank you letters, folios and cancellation letters.

Master Folios are used for posting all charges and payments that are not posted directly to guest folios.  There are several types of master folios, and each is discussed.

Editing Documents & Forms enables you to customize registration forms, confirmation letters, banquet event orders, and more.  This guide walks you through each type of document.

MENUINI.FIL is a file containing several options and settings that determine how certain features work within Execu/Suite.  This guide walks you through the settings.  Always ask your Execu/Tech support consultant before editing this file.  Once you have edited and saved this file it cannot be recovered unless you have a backup.

Import Rate Spreadsheets explains importing room rates from a *.csv file rather than using Season Records.

CRM Sync provides information on syncing your Execu/Tech guest data to your CRM server so that queries will receive an accurate and current response.  This also works with our CRM portal, Execu/Suite Connect (see http://crm.execu-tech.com), for hotels using Execu/Tech's email marketing application.

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