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   OPOS is not supported.

   Report Printers
  • Laser - HP Business Grade (Used for graphical plain paper folio, registration forms, and all other reports. Recommended for all Windows Users).
    Use ONLY HP printers that are network compatible and have full PCL support.
    DO NOT USE HOST BASED PRINTERS!!!!!. Contact HP for clarification on printer model descriptions. We won't be able to offer support for Host Based printers because they have known problems that can't be resolved.
    HP says, "PCAnywhere or remote desktop connections are not supported on a host-based printer, HP suggests using a non-host-based printer for this type of environment."

  • Brother printers - Because of the number of complaints we receive involving Brother printers, we do not recommend them for use with our software. They are known to spool but never print, print only one copy when more than one is requested, drop multiple print jobs when they are sent rapidly. Not all Brother printers are affected but we can't test each one to be sure they work properly.

  • ***Ink Jet printers NOT recommended due to ink costs***

POS Receipt / Kitchen Printers / Credit Card Receipt:
 POS Printer Setup
  • Impact Printers - Star SP200/300, Epson TM-U200, TM-U220 or similar Epson POS impact printer

  • Thermal Printers - Epson TM-T88 (preferred for Credit Card Receipt printing), Star TSP series, NCR
    (parallel preferred)

Cash Drawers (Execu/Touch POS Only):
  • Epson, Star, or NCR Printer interface. Cash drawars must plug into the printer to be opened by the software.
    Intelligent cash drawers attached directly to serial or parallel ports are not supported

Touch Screen Monitors (Execu/Touch POS Only):
  • Microtouch, Elo, or any touch screen monitor with Windows drivers

Pole Displays (Execu/Touch POS Only):
  • EMAX compatible

Magnetic Card Readers:
  • If you desire P2P Encryption, you must first contact us so we can direct you to the appropriate source. DO NOT buy encrypted card readers before contacting us!

  • Unencrypted card readers should send a single Carriage Return, not a Carriage Return between each track. 
    More info: Magtek Programming

  • Magtek PS/2 or USB card reader that works in Keyboard Emulation Mode, supporting track 1 & 2 with the standard track header and footer characters.

  • Cherry Keyboards (track 1 & 2 header/ footer characters must be programmed before the Cherry swipe will work)

Barcode Readers:
  • Metrologic 9500 series, or any keyboard wedge scanner.

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