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The Execu/Suite OTA/HTNG Reservation Interface application allows the Execu/Suite PMS software to retrieve reservations from an online booking engine that uses the OTA/HTNG standard of interface communication. Information on this standard can be found at http://opentravel.org.

This is commonly known as a CRS interface and sometimes a GDS interface. The current supported CRS vendors are:
Synxis, TravelClick, Vertical Booking

There are 2 common methods of interfacing, PUSH and PULL.

PUSH means that the CRS will deliver reservation messages, typically in real time or with just a minute or two delay, to the PMS via HTTPS via IIS installed on the customer's network.
All of our interfaces using the PUSH method are 2 way, meaning that they send us reservations and we send them rates and availability, so that they can display the correct information online and to the channel partners.
Synxis and TravelClick use the PUSH method and support a 2 way interface.

PULL means that we request reservation messages from the CRS. This DOES NOT require the installation of IIS.
This can be a 1 way or 2 way interface. The 2 way interface exchanges the same data as the PUSH method. The 1 way interface only retrieves reservation messages and DOES NOT send rates or availability.
Vertical Booking uses the PULL method and supports a 2 way interface.

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