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  Never manually run the interface applications when the Scheduled Tasks are running! This will cause problems like duplicate reservations, missed reservations, inaccurate inventory, rates, restrictions and duplicate or missed responses to the CRS. It is also likely that the Scheduled Tasks will lock up, requiring a restart before they will work again.

If you need to run the applications manually, please be sure to stop the Scheduled Tasks first!

Firewall Settings  


 You can force a resync of all data between the PMS and CRS at any time.


Customers using the older style menus should still see similar menu names but the menu is presented in the center of the screen.

  • Select Manager/Setup ("Manager Menu" on some older systems.)

  • Then select Hotel Control Files Set-up ("Room, Charge, Payment Code Set-up" on some older systems.)

  • Then select Resync CRS Availability

  • On the popup message that appears, select Yes.

  • If it was successful you will see this message.

  • You might see this error. This typically means that you are attempting to resync when the resync has already been initiated.


If you're missing these items from your menu, you can manually initiate a resync.​

  • In the PMS software folder, delete the file "garimpav.fil"

  • Within 2 minutes, a full resync should begin.

Restart the Interface Sometimes the interface stops working. Follow these steps to restart the interface and get the interface working, again.There are two conditions, described below, that are typically experienced and can be resolved by restarting one of the Scheduled Tasks.

These are the two Scheduled Tasks that perform the duties of sending and receiving messages to and from the CRS. They are described here - OTA / HTNG 2 Way Push

They can be restarted by right clicking the task and selecting 'End', WAIT 30 SECONDS, and then right click again and select 'Run'. 


   Any time you restart the interface you must run a resync!  

Condition 1 - Reservations Aren't Importing 

If reservations aren't importing, and show that they've been sent by the CRS, there may be a problem with the Scheduled Task, ETHTNG. Check the RQFiles folder and see if there are any pending XML messages to be processed.
The RQFiles folder is typically located in the same folder as the PMS software.

Open the RQfiles folder and look for any pending XML files. If there are any waiting to be processed, they will look like this.

IF there are XML files, you should restart ETHTNG.

If there are no pending XML files, check the log files to see if the messages have been processed with any errors. OTA / HTNG Logs   

If there are no logs for the missing reservations, there could be a problem with IIS, which is required to run the web service that receives the messages from the CRS. Restart the server where IIS is installed. If the problem remains after restarting, contact Execu/Tech support so we can determine if there is a permissions problem or if settings need to be adjusted.

Condition 2 - Inventory, Rates, Restrictions and Reservation Responses aren't Updating

If your inventory, rates, restrictions and reservation responses aren't being updated to the CRS, there may be a problem with the Scheduled Task, ETHTNG-Sender. Check the RSFiles folder to see if there are pending messages. If there are, you should restart ETHTNG-Sender. Even if there is nothing pending, it's a good idea to restart it.

If there are no pending messages, check the log files to see if the messages have been processed with any errors. You should also check SyncLog.txt for any errors. If you see HTTP errors, please notify Execu/Tech support because it's likely that settings need to be adjusted. For example, an HTTP error 500 probably means there is a problem with the Username, Password or HotelCode. OTA / HTNG Logs   

Error: Unable to connect to the remote server - This means that either the CRS URL is wrong or something is preventing the interface from connecting to it. Contact your CRS vendor to verify that this URL is correct and that there are no problems on their end. Check your firewall settings to be sure nothing is blocked on your end. Firewall Settings

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