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ROH or Run Of House Room Types

ETHTNG-Sender, version 2022.5.11.1 and newer, now supports ROH or Run Of House room types. 

ROH or Run Of House room types allow you to provide the guest with a generic room type selection even though several room types exist in the PMS. After the reservation is made the actual room type will be assigned in the PMS software before the guest arrives. 


For example, you may have a variety of room types with 1 and 2 beds. You can group them by ROH1 (1 bed) and ROH2 (2 beds). When booking online the guest sees just those ROH choices rather than the variety of room types available in the PMS.


You don't have to use ROH, ROH1, ROH2, etc., as the room type but this is the standard in the industry and will likely make managing things easier for you.


ETHTNG and ETHTNG-Sender configuration

  • Just make sure you've got the latest updates. Contact us to make sure this is done.

PMS Configuration

  • Creating the ROH room types.
    • Create a room type for each of the ROH room types you will be using.
    • Number of Rooms must be 0.
      If Number of Rooms is not 0 then the count sent to the CRS will be incorrect and the count in the PMS will be incorrect.
      This room type will show overbooked as long as there is still a reservation that hasn't been assigned the actual room type. This is necessary to properly reflect the actual rooms available in both the PMS and CRS.
      The actual number of rooms count is determined by the total number of actual room types assigned to this ROH room type.
    • Central Res'v Code must match the ROH code assigned to this room type. If this ROH room type is ROH1 then the Central Res'v Code will be ROH1. 
    • If you're sending PMS rates to the CRS, and since multiple room types might be included in the ROH room type, make sure the rates are appropriate. If King, Queen and Double bed rooms are included in the same ROH type, just be aware that the rate set here will apply to all of them. The rates sent by the PMS will be the rates the guest sees on the booking site.

  • Configuring actual room types to use the ROH room types
    • Edit the Room Type record for each room type that will be included in ROH room types.
    • Number of Rooms must be accurate since this is the number used to calculate availability both in the PMS and the CRS
    • Central Res'v Code should be set to the ROH room type that this room type will be included with. 
    • The rates configure for this room type will not affect the rates used in the CRS for the ROH room type but it will affect walk-ins and in house reservations made specifically for this room type.


How availability works between the PMS and the CRS

  • PMS and CRS availability for the ROH room types is the sum of all room types using a particular ROH room type code.
    • For example, you have
      25 KING rooms and 15 available
      25 QUEEN rooms and 10 available
      25 DOUBLE rooms and 20 available
      0 ROH rooms with -20 available (It's negative because there are 20 ROH reservations that haven't been assigned a room type yet.)

      The PMS will show 75 total rooms with 25 available (45 actual room types - 20 ROH = 25). The PMS will send this value to the CRS using the ROH room type.



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