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Direct Bill / City Ledger - Open Item Statements

If your customers are set up as Open Item account types, you will print Open Item Statements.  Open Item Statements show individual transactions for each DB transaction posted in the Hotel folio, as well as charges posted manually within City Ledger. 

 From the Direct Bill or City Ledger menu select "Print Customer Statements (Open Item)".

Enter the information as prompted.  See below for explanation.

"Last statement" date defines the date for "Charges since last statement" and "payments from last statement".  For example, if your  last statement date is 060116, then the sum of charges and the sum of payments since that date are included.

"Beginning invoice" date should be left blank if you want ONLY unpaid or partially paid (open) invoices included on this statement.  If you want to include paid invoices, then you can enter the beginning date to include paid invoices.

Statement "as of" date is the statement date.  Invoices later than the statement date will not print.

Below is a statement that includes both paid an unpaid invoices.  The paid invoices are included by entering a "beginning invoice" date.

Below is an invoice showing only unpaid invoices.  "Beginning invoice" date was left blank.

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