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To allow check-ins without prompting to preauthorize a credit card, enter X in the "Require Credit Card Preauth at check-in?" in the Parameter Record.  Otherwise, answer N not to preauthorize and not to require and answer Y to require.

City Ledger Membership Billing:  Add ARFIXED to MENU.FIL.  Set Member billing to Y on the AR control file.  Assign up to 4 auto charge codes per customer (4 is the limit).  The charge codes must be set up in the AR Transaction Codes with an amount assigned.

To create separate checks in POS for the same table (rather than splitting the checks later):
Open a check for the table and enter the first item.  Instead of selecting "Done/New" or "Send" select Options - Separate Checks.  Continue until each guest's selections have been entered (each guest's items on the guest's "separate check").  Then select Done/New as usual.  All of the items go to the kitchen on one chit.  Separates checks were created the table.

To scan in POS without using inventory, enter "N" in the "Update to inventory" field in the Store Record.  The inventory item should be in the Inventory Item number field in the POS item setup.

POS Tab limits:  In MENUINI.FIL add POS-CCARD-TAB-LIMITS=100.00 (where the limit amount replaces the "100.00".)

Printing the POS signature line:  In the store record special code field, blank = print the lines; Y = ask to print the signature lines; X = don't print and don't ask to print.

Gift Card default admin code is GIFTOVER; if this does not work then it was set up in MENU-LEVEL passwords for program $$GIFT

To change the rate code titles from High (code 1), Rack (code 2), etc., Edit MENUINI.FIL as follows (using your titles): HOTEL-ROOM-RATE-TITLES=Premium,Normal,AAA/AARP,15% Disc.,Military

To run a command from within Execu/Tech, change to push-button menu and type 77 on the master menu.  Specific commands include ETREGISTER.EXE; ETBENCHMARK.EXE; ETMENUINIEDIT.EXE; GLDATE.EXE.

HTML documents:  $TOTEM allows printing to selected printer rather than default printer and also allows any of the totem-specific options.  Totem-specific lines you can add at the top of the HTML documents include:  $LANDSCAPE; $2COPIES; $?COPIES (asks for number of copies, 1-4); $PREVIEW (automatically sends document to preview mode such as House Count); $SELECT (to select printer before printing). 

$NOLOGO at the top of HTML email document eliminates sending attached image.

HOTEL back door: $$$$  and $/BACK\$ ... DO NOT EVER GIVE THIS OUT, EVER.
POS back door:  $$$ and $PASS ... DO NOT EVER GIVE THIS OUT, EVER.

Cobol File Error codes:  Click HERE .

POS kitchen chit - include seat number:  Set kitchen/remote printer's "sort" to X.

PMS auto log off is in System Maintenance - User I.D. Setup.

Clearing data and setup for new Hotel users still in evaluation mode:  Always make a backup first.  Run GAINIT and answer Y to all except GACNTL.FIL (hotel control files).  Run ARINIT and answer Y to all except ARCNTL.FIL.  Delete all ARTRN***.FIL and all ARTRP***.FIL files.  Delete GAPOTRES.FIL to remove the "make dinner reservations now?" message.  Reset/edit the Parameter record and all other manager settings in the hotel control files setup menu.  Create an Execu/Tech user (EXE / 1626) for ** company.  An access code must be applied before the company can be set up.  Advise the customer to download CutePDF printer. 

Run GAGDFIX if folio detail is out of whack.

Run GANXREF if name/room pointers are out of whack.

Run ARDREBLD if A/R (direct bill) is out of whack.

Clearing data and setup for new POS users still in evaluation mode:  Always make a backup first.  Run GAPOCOPY and select "Delete Selected Records".  You can delete all records.  Run GAPOCNTL to access the POS admin menu.  Use the POS back door to get in.  You will be required to set up the Store Record first, so fill in at least the required fields.  Then immediately create an Execu/Tech user (899 / 899) for ** company.  From POS Admin, select Edit/Purge.  From the ExecuTech folder, delete GAPOINVC.FIL, GAPOHIST.FIL and ALL GAPO*.FIL files.  Delete all INTRN**.FIL files.

A/R (Direct Bill) credit limit:  Parameter Record, Data Dictionary:  $CREDIT and the type must be 12 or 13.

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