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Night Audit FAQ

When should I do night audit?

  • In general, you should wait until all of the guests have been checked in.  Print the Arrival and Departures List to see reservations not checked in. 
  • If you have Execu/Touch POS, wait until POS End of Day has been run.  The POS End of Day should be run once, after all of the POS outlets have closed and will no longer process transactions for the day.
  • Each property will have a night audit cut-off time. This determines the deadline by which you MUST Post Room & Tax and run Reorganize Files for yesterday's business day, as well as the earliest time you may do those tasks for today's business. The night audit cut-off time is set in the Parameter Record.  The time should be in military (2400) format and the default is 1600 (4:00pm.)  You may set the cut-off time to suit your property's procedures. You should consider this a permanent setting. Do not change it from day to day to accommodate staff.
  • Typically, night audit is started between 11:00 pm and 2:00 am at hotels with 24-hour staffing including an audit shift.
  • Hotels without an overnight shift should do the audit at one of the following times:

At the end of the day after all transactions have been posted, and after the night audit cut-off time.

At the beginning of the day before all transactions have been posted, and before the night audit cut-off time.

  • Do not run the night audit programs more than once a day.
  • Do not skip a day.


Night audit cut-off time

  • ​You must be aware of your night audit cut-off time. Be sure that all staff involved in the Night Audit process are aware of the set time and what it means.
    Understanding how the night audit cut-off time works is critical in maintaining proper revenue reporting. 
  • The night audit cut-off time should be set in accordance with the needs of the property. Once set, it shouldn't be changed unless the hotel changes their business hours. Changing this time from day to day WILL cause serious revenue reporting problems.
  • The Night audit cut-off time (0000:2400) is found in the Night Audit section of the Parameter Record It determines the time that Post Room and Tax and Reorganize Files must be performed in order to post automatic room & tax charges, close the business day, and create statistics files. The time should be in military (2400) format and the default is 1600 (4:00pm.)
  • This is the latest possible time to run the Night Audit to end the previous business day in the software. 
    Running the Night Audit after this time will result in all revenue being recorded for the current business day.

  • This is the earliest possible time to run the Night Audit to end the current business day in the software.
    Running the Night Audit before this time will result in all revenue being recorded for the previous business day.

  • Using 1600 as an example, you will have until 4pm today to do last night's audit and you cannot do today's audit until after 4pm. This this is rarely done, but there are circumstances when this is a valuable option. For example, there may have been a power outage, server crash or other event that prevented you from performing the night audit at the usual time.

  • Using 1600 as an example, if you attempt to run today's night audit before 4pm, several things may happen because the software still considers the Night Audit processes to be for the previous day:
    • Room and Tax will not post if it was properly posted during the previous Night Audit. 
    • Revenue will be reported for the previous day.
    • Reports will be missing current day activity because they were totaled into the previous day.







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