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Night Audit Bullet Points

These are the steps a good night auditor should take to ensure proper balancing and accurate statistics.   Everything on the Night Audit menu is there for a reason. 

  1. Post any additional charges such as laundry, restaurant (if not using Execu/Touch POS), etc.

  2. Verify occupancy, arrivals, and departures. 
    • Print Room Inventory, Guests In House, Arrival & Departure Lists for the date you are auditing/closing.
    • Before posting room & tax charges make sure arrivals have been checked in and departures have been checked out.
    • For cancellations and no-shows, zero out advance deposits by posting refunds, cancellation fees, etc.

  3. Print a Preliminary Post Room and Tax
    • Verify that room rates, taxes, auto-post, and package charges are correct. 
    • Verify that zero room rates are rate code 6. 
    • Make necessary corrections and then run the Final Post Room and Tax.

  4. For Condo properties, verify Condo batch after running "Transfer Room charges to CONDO".

  5. Print Guest Trial Balance
    • Print Summary for in-house guests.  Compare credit limits with folio balances.  Preauthorize additional funds if appropriate.
    • Print Summary for master folios.  Make sure that all POS master folios (restaurant, bar, store) have a zero balance.  Make corrections if necessary.
    • Print Detail for in-house guests to archive or file in the event of power outage, etc.

  6. Print Charge and Payment Journals
    • Balance charges to POS cashier reports and other sales reports
    • Balance cash, checks, etc., to the cash drawers or drops
    • Balance credit card transactions to the credit card batch (see next step)

  7. Print and Settle Credit Card Batch after making sure it matches the card transactions on the payment journal.

  8. Print a Preliminary Recap to make sure the charges, payments, and adjustments are correct.

  9. Make sure all other workstations are logged out of Execu/Tech including all POS and back office terminals.

  10. Run Reorganize Files.  Do not do anything else until it has finished.

  11. Run "Update advance deposits folio".  No names should print on the report, entitled "advance deposits remaining for cancellations and no-shows.

  12. Run "Create GenLedeger/Direct Bill Postings".  Nothing will print.  This sends transactions to the accounting workstations to be processed.

  13. Print AM (Automated Morning) Report.  This shows your transactions, occupancy, and statistics.

  14. Print Daily Report and distribute as advised by management.


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