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Execu/Suite Network Health Benchmark (ETBenchmark)

Execu/Tech Systems is not responsible for your network and computer hardware. If you're experiencing network or computer hardware related problems, we provide this benchmark tool for your network technician, but we can't fix these problems for you. 


This is an unsupported FREE utility. Our technicians can't help you with it and the only information available for this utility is on this page.


If you're receiving a poor benchmark score, make sure that your antivirus is properly configured.

Recommended firewall configuration can be found here System Requirements


Because it's often difficult for technicians to determine whether or not your network is adequate to run our software, we provide a benchmark application that provides a score and lets you know what you can expect.

  • Copying files across the network is not an accurate test for database access. This benchmark will gauge your network infrastructure's ability to perform well with our software. 

  • This benchmark application is testing file IO per second, not copying a single large file. File IO can be affected by many pieces of your network, server and client hardware, other applications including antivirus, etc.

  • This benchmark application only tests the time it takes to open a file, read it, write one record and then save the file across the network. This isn't necessarily an indication of your overall network speed, internet speed or speed when transferring large files.

  • This benchmark application won't detect intermittent network problems if they don't happen while the test is running. Any sudden jumps in the score, up or down, could be a sign of an intermittent network problem.

  • This benchmark should only be used to gauge potential performance when using Execu/Suite software. Ask other software vendors for their preferred benchmark application.

Download ETBenchmark.exe
Make sure you're always running the latest version of the ETBenchmark.exe. You can download the application HERE.

This application requires the Microsoft.Net Framework 4.7.2. See Microsoft.NET Framework.

Place this application on your SERVER in the shared Execu/Tech software folder!

DO NOT place this file on the CLIENT COMPUTER. The results will be invalid.

Running the Network Benchmark (ETBenchmark)


ETBenchmark Log file

When the benchmark finishes and provides a score, this score is logged in a file, "ETBenchmarkLog.txt."  This file is located in the same folder where the benchmark application is installed, which is typically the server.  


Run from the Hotel Folder:

  • On the CLIENT COMPUTER, using Windows File Explorer, browse to the shared folder on the server where the Execu/Suite software is installed.
  • Locate ETBenchmark.exe and run it by double-clicking the application (hosted on the SERVER.) 




Run from the Execu/Tech Application: 

  • If you have a current version of Execu/Tech, you can run the Network Benchmark from the application without having to navigate to the server.
  • At hotel PMS workstations, go to File › Special › Run Network Benchmark.

  • At POS workstations, go to POS Administrator › System › Run Network Benchmark.

  • When the Network Benchmark application opens, click Test Now to begin the test.

  • While the test is running, the file containing the rest records will grow. Because of this, it is normal for the benchmark score to lower slowly throughout the test. It's normal and expected that the READ times will increase as the test progresses. This is because the test file gets larger as the test progresses

  • After this first test completes, you can select the Perform Internet Bandwidth Speed Test to test your internet connection. This isn't necessary and typically isn't an indicator of potential software performance - it's just an additional statistic.