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A Memory Access Violation can be caused by several things. Basically, the error means that the application is attempting to read memory that's protected by the operating system.


If you see this error try to get a screenshot and email it to support@execu-tech.com 



There are a few other reasons for this error.

  • In older computers defective RAM can cause this error though this is less likely than the following reasons.

  • Corrupted data is causing the application to request data outside of the memory that the application initially requested.

  • Invalid data in an application setting related to the module fiving you the error.

  • Programming bugs. Yes, they happen and can cause problems.




  • Reboot the computer
    Give this a try. Sometimes resolving this error can be as simple as rebooting the computer getting this error. If you're in a Remote Desktop environment, reboot the server.

  • Try the same terminal number on another computer
    If there's something wrong with the hardware or any other configuration in the Windows operating system, this will help identify it as a possible cause. It won't tell you what the problem is, but it will let you know that the problem is isolated to a specific computer.
    The terminal number is the last 2 digits of the shortcut. Make a note of the original terminal number and be sure you change it back after testing. 

  • Re-select POS printers
    If the previous step shows that the terminal number works on another computer, and this is a POS terminal, try reselecting the POS printers on the computer experiencing the problem. It's possible that this setting has become corrupted. 

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