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Direct Bill / City Ledger - Manual Postings

Under most circumstances, you will not need to post transactions manually. There are some situations where you may need to post them manually.

  • If the DB payment did not create the invoice in the customer account, you can post the transaction manually.
  • If the DB folio payment was posted to the wrong account, you can credit the invoice in the wrong account and enter the invoice into the correct account.  Remember to mark both invoices in the wrong account "paid" so that they will not show up as open items.  
  • Credits for guest stays should be posted to a folio within Execu/Suite Hotel. This keeps your hotel room rental and tax figures correct within Execu/Suite. 
    Example: Say you processed a DB payment in a folio and the invoice was created for the customer in city ledger (Direct Bill).  Then you decided to credit the customer for that invoice.  You can create a credit invoice in Direct Bill; however, the room revenue in Execu/Suite will continue to show the revenue for the credited amount since it was done outside of PMS.   Accounting generally flows in one direction; in this case from PMS (guest ledger) to DB (city ledger).  However, the system will allow you to post the credit in Direct Bill if you wish to skip the extra steps and understand the accounting.
  • If posting a credit invoice remember to enter a minus sign (-) with the amount.  If posting a discount remember to enter a minus sign with the amount.

Manual posting is easy.  Go to Direct Bill > Customer Processing > Enter Transactions

Enter the information into each field, pressing Enter to move from field to field.  When you are in the last column (OK) make sure to press Enter again.  If you do not, the information will not be saved.  The cursor will move to the next line.  Each field is discussed below.

Seq -This field populated automatically with the next sequence number.  The sequence numbers will print on the transaction batch  update report.

Customer - Enter the customer code or type L and Enter to look it up.

Type - Enter C to post a charge.  Enter P to post a balance forward payment.  You cannot enter P to post a payment for an open item payment .

Date - Enter the transaction date.  There are a couple of considerations regarding dates.  If you are entering a credit invoice to offset an existing invoice you might want to use the same date.  Otherwise the two transactions will show up in different columns in the Customer Aged Trial Balance  report.  Also note that if you post- or back-date a transaction, this will be reflected on your Final Recap in the "prior city ledger balance" line.

Code - Enter a valid transaction code.

Amount - Enter the amount.  If it is an even dollar amount you may enter 125 for 125.00.  If it is not an even dollar amount you should enter the decimal and cents.  If you are entering a discount or a credit remember to type the minus sign.

Reference - Enter a reference for this transaction.

Comment - Enter an optional comment for this transaction.  Default will be the transaction code's description.

OK - Make sure to press Enter when you get to this field; otherwise you will not save the transaction.  Your cursor will move to the next line.  Enter the next transaction or click the exit button at the top left of the screen to exit.  You also may press Esc on your keyboard.

Remember to update your transaction batch  when you are finished with the day's transactions.

If you are fixing an out of balance account, see Fix Out of Balance Direct Bill Accounts .

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