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Manager Reports

Most manager reports may be found in the Manager/Setup menu, the Night Audit menu, and the System Maintenance menu. 

Your Execu/Tech support technician can remove reports from menus, place reports on more than one menu, and apply special permissions to reports upon request.

Sample Manager Reports:

Master Folio Summary.pdf
Tax Exempt Guests.pdf
Guest Aged Report (30-60-90-120).pdf
Guest Trial Balance Detail  In House Guests.pdf
Guest Trial Balance Summary  In House Guests.pdf
Guest Trial Balance Summary Master Folios.pdf
TRAVEL AGENCY Detail Report.pdf
Travel Agency Summary.pdf
Travel Agency Statement.pdf
Employee time clock report.pdf
Payment Codes.pdf
Charge Codes.pdf
Charge Codes2.pdf
Charge Codes in AM Report Sequence.pdf
Market Segment Codes.pdf
Source of Business Codes.pdf
Activity Logs-CheckOut-RevCkO.pdf
Activity Logs-Credit Limit Change.pdf
Activity Logs-Name Changes.pdf
Activity Logs-Out of Order Rooms.pdf
Activity Logs-Overbookings.pdf
Activity Logs-Room Reassignments.pdf
Activity Logs-Statistics Modification.pdf
Activity Logs-TimeClock Edit.pdf
Activity Logs-Trans-Adv Deposits.pdf
Activity Logs-Warning Overrides.pdf

Additional reports are available in the following menus: Front Desk, Reservations, Sales, Direct Bill Processing, Inventory Control, Back Office, Time and Attendance, and within Execu/Touch point of sale menu.  Ask your Execu/Tech support technician to add any of them to your Manager/Setup menu.

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