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License Access Code

If you are a new customer, or if your license access code is expiring soon, you will see an Access Code Warning message when you log onto your Execu/Tech software.


Execu/Suite®, Execu/Touch®, and Hotel Premium® are software applications licensed by Execu/Tech Systems.

Access to this software is provided through an access code that is valid for 1 to 3 years.


You will get a warning beginning 60 days prior to expiration. This warning counts down each day (59 days remaining, 58 days remaining, etc.) until there is 1 day remaining. After this, you will not be able to log onto Execu/Tech software.


This warning is meant to prompt you to call Execu/Tech to renew your license. We strongly advise you to respond promptly so that your software continues uninterrupted.

  • As instructed in the message, you should call Execu/Tech Systems at 850-747-0581.
  • You must call between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm Central Time, Monday through Friday (holidays excluded.)
  • Access codes will not be provided outside of business hours.
  • The process of renewing your access code is quick and easy.

Note: There is no cost for renewal. However, delinquent accounts must be brought current prior to the issue of your license access code. If your account is past due, you will not be issued an access code until payment has been made in full of the past-due amount, or until an arrangement has been made with our office manager. (You may contact our office manager at 850 747-0581 Opt. 3 or 850-215-4162.)


Access Code Warning

When logging into the Execu/Tech software, you may see an Access Code Warning message similar to this one:



The message prompt "Continue?" is asking if you would like to continue into the software without obtaining an access code. 

  • Click Yes to get past the warning and into the software.


  • If you click No, the software will close.
  • If you're running Execu/Suite Point of Sale in auto mode (POS opens to the keyboard screen), you can click Cancel to get the access code entry screen to appear.
  • If you're running the software in any other mode, clicking Cancel will cause the software to close.

Access Code Expired 


If you ignore the Access Code Warning and it expires, you will see this message:



  • Clicking OK will cause the Access Code entry screen to appear.


Entering the Access Code


Updating your access code is quick and easy. We will walk you through the process. (If we have remote access to your Execu/Tech server, we will be happy to update your access code remotely upon request.)

When you call for your access code, you must be at the server or at a terminal. You will need to open the Access Code entry screen, which looks like this:

There are several ways to get to the Access Code entry screen, depending on your menu style, hotel or POS, software version, etc.

  • Hotel master menu (drop-down style): 
    Click FileSpecial > Enter New Access Code.

  • Hotel master menu (push-button style):

From the master menu, type 99 on your keyboard and press Enter. This will bring up the Access Code entry screen.​

  • Point of Sale auto mode (POS opens to the keyboard screen):

Click Cancel on the Access Code Warning pop-up to bring up the Access Code entry screen.

  • If you cannot find the Access Code entry screen, we will help you locate it when you call.


You will need to provide us with the Serial Number and the User Code shown on the entry screen. The User Code changes each time the software is opened so you must be at the terminal when you call us and enter the Access Code while you're on the phone with us. 

The Access Code consists of 2 parts (e.g. 123456 ABCDEF.) We will give you the first part of the Access Code then ask you to press Enter. We will then give you the second part and ask you to press Enter again. 

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