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  Before Execu/Tech will begin installation, there are a couple things that must be done first.
  1. You must test and verify that the com ports used by the interfaces are working. We won't troubleshoot your hardware for you.
    If you don't know how to verify this, this link should help: 
    Troubleshooting Serial Connections

  2. You must provide a list, containing for following information for each interface:
    1. Type (Call Accounting, PBX, Voucemail, etc.)
    2. Brand and model (Mitel SX 2000, etc.)
    3. Com Port Settings (Com1, 9600, 8, N, 1, etc.)

Legacy interfaces must be installed on the computer where the serial cables from the 3rd party system are physically attached, or where you've created virtual ports. Legacy interfaces are run as a Scheduled Task and should always be running, 24 hours a day. If the interface isn't running, it won't work. Some customer choose to run the interfaces on the desktop from a shortcut, often started in the Startup folder. This is not advised.

Our legacy interfaces are no longer available for purchase, have not been updated in years and will not be updated in the future. This information is provided for customers who choose to continue to use them. All modern interfaces are done via Comtrol. Comtrol® Interfaces

Use the interface program names found on the parent page, here.

Scheduled Task

This page shows you how to create a Scheduled Task for an interface. Interface - Create a Scheduled Task 


Running the interfaces via shortcut for any reason other than testing is a bad idea and should not be done! 

Begin creating the shortcut by opening the Windows File Explorer to the Execu/Suite PMS Folder.

Find the file "wrun32.exe", right click it and drag it to the desktop.

After dropping the file on the desktop, you'll see a menu. Select "Create shortcuts here" from the menu.

You should now see a new shortcut.

Right click this icon and select "Properties". In the Properties window, you modify the Target based on the interface you're installing. In the case of Call Accounting, you'll add -w -c wruncbl.fil GAPHONE after the target. In this example, the target is changed from:
C:\executech\hotel\wrun32.exe -w -c wruncbl.fil GAPHONE

After clicking OK and saving the changes, right click the shortcut and select "Rename". Give the shortcut an appropriate name like Call Accounting or PBX.
For an interface other than Call Accounting, simply replace GAPHONE with the appropriate program name.

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