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Before getting started you should decide how you want your inventory control to work and what you want to achieve.  Make sure to read the Inventory Overview page.

If you are integrating Inventory Control with Execu/Touch POS you will want to discuss this with your Execu/Tech trainer so that the system works like you want it to, whether set in a retail, fine dining, or other mode.  If you use Execu/Tech's back office module and wish to integrate, you should obtain the necessary GL account codes from your accountant.  Your trainer may give you general guidelines and data flow, but your trainer will not tell you which accounts to send transactions to. Your accountant must do this.

Some of the parameters are set in MENUINI.FIL.  Your Execu/Tech trainer can go over those with you.  They are discussed in the Inventory Overview page.  Other parameters are set in the Store Record.  You should set up the Inventory Store Record first.

You will then set up locations.  Each inventory item must have at least one location.  Each item may have multiple locations; for example, receipt location such as a warehouse, stock location such as a store room or freezer, and issue location such as a kitchen/restaurant or store.

You will set up class/category records as well.  These may be as general or as specific as you wish.  Each item will belong to a class or category.

Once you have the control records set up, you can enter your inventory items.  Unless (in a retail mode) you wish your inventory setup to create POS items automatically, you will need a list of POS items.

After your items have been set up you can enter your beginning physical inventory.

Recipes are created for POS items such as entrees or mixed drinks.  They also can be set up for modifiers that would apply to multiple POS items.  For example, if a F&B entrée includes a side choice, this would be a modifier and can be set up to relieve inventory when the POS item is sold with this modifier.

Store, Locations, Classifications
Inventory Items
Inventory Overview
Inventory Items
Recipe File

When you set up computer shortcuts to the ExecuTech folder, you need to be mindful of the terminal numbers you assign.  This is crucial.  See Batch Terminals setup.

We assume that you have purchased training with your inventory module.  If not, note that training is billable. 

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