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You must have Execu/Tech's Back Office system in order to use this feature.

General Ledger transactions will be created for the following inventory events:
  1. When inventory purchase order items are received
  2. When inventory items are issued through "miscellaneous postings"
  3. When adjustments are posted in "miscellaneous postings"
  4. When physical inventory is entered into the system through "Physical Inventory"
  5. When inventory items are sold via POS
  6. When POS checks are voided (if items are in inventory and if the void code is set to update inventory)
  7. When POS credit checks are closed (if items are in inventory)
 Here is how it works:

First, go to the Inventory Store Record.  Enter the "earliest posting date" which should be the same as in your General Ledger control record.  This is not a required field but is recommended.  Then enter the GL company, which most often will be 01 (zero one).

Then go to the inventory Item Class/Category setup.  Each item should belong to a class/category.  The three fields indicated below should be populated with the appropriate codes.  "POS Department" is the revenue department in POS to which the POS items belong.  "Inventory GL account" and "Cost of goods sold GL account" will be populated with the appropriate General Ledger account codes.  We cannot advise you on the account numbers to use.  If you are unsure, you should ask your accountant or controller.   

For saleable items you will use the POS Revenue Department to post the revenue to GL.  If you are using Execu/Suite PMS, your POS department will reference a "Hotel charge code" where the GL account codes are referenced.  If you are using the stand-alone Execu/Touch POS without a hotel, you will use the "Gen Ledger account" fields.  You will not do both.  See below.

POS "End of Day Close" should be run.    All inventory batches should be updated.  Night audit "Reorganize Files" should be run if you are using Execu/Suite. 

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