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Installation Checklists

Installation of your Execu/Tech software and applications is not difficult, but you should plan ahead and be prepared.  There is information you will need from Execu/Tech and there is information Execu/Tech will need from you. 

We highly recommend that you procure a professional IT/Network expert with hospitality experience.  You want your software to run at its optimum efficiency while protecting your guests' sensitive information.  

Prior to your installation you and your IT/Network professional should read the following documents in this knowledgebase:

System Requirements includes server, client computer, network, hardware, system, and other important information.
Installation Guide includes information you should know prior to installation of Execu/Tech software even if Execu/Tech technicians will do the installation
Printer Setup Guide describes now to set up point of sale remote and receipt printers and credit card receipt printers.  Printers must be set up according to this guide.
Interfaces explains how the interfaces work and the information you should provide to Execu/Tech.
WebRes Guide explains tasks performed by each party including you, Execu/Tech, your IT professional, and your website developer and host
Common System Issues explains some of the Windows and other settings that can cause anomalies.  

The following are specific documents you should fill out and send to Execu/Tech prior to installation:

Implementation Checklist
Interface Checklist
HTNG Interface Checklist

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