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Housekeeping Codes are required if your Parameter Record is set to Y for "Enhanced housekeeping?"  You must have at least one code.  To use housekeeping codes, you must set the parameter record setting to Y; otherwise the "housekeeping code" field is skipped at check-in.

Go to Manager/ Setup > Hotel Control Files Setup > Housekeeping Codes. 

"Housekeeping code" may be any letter or number and is limited to one character.  At check-in the codes display in code order, numbers first and then letters.  For example, 1 will display before 5 which will display before D which will display before M.  Your default or most frequent housekeeping option should be first so that users may simply press Enter at check-in without having to scroll or click.

"Description" may be up to 30 characters and is what users see when looking up housekeeping options at check-in.

Bellow is the setting that should be Y in the Parameter Record :

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