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This is the default logo, hotelogo.gif, provided with the software demo.

Many things printed for the guest can have a logo embedded in them. This includes the folio, confirmation letter, AR statements, etc. Adding a logo is simple. The logo supplied with the software demo, seen above, will already be in the software folder if you've never customized your logo. 

The logo, hotelogo.gif, must be placed in the software folder. Find Software Application Folder

Provide these specs to whoever manages you print and digital media so they can create an appropriate logo.
  • The file name is hotelogo.gif.
  • The format is .gif.
  • Color and grey is fine but may not look good on all laser printers. 
  • Transparency is fine.
  • Prints at 72 dpi so be sure the dimensions are correct for the size desired on the printed form.
    For example, if you want it 3 inches wide and 1 inch high the image will be 216 X 72.
    If your logo is too large, it will take up a large portion of the document and may cause pages to print irregularly. If this is happening to you, resize the logo to make it smaller. 

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