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Execu/Gift is an application allowing you to sell and redeem gift cards and gift certificates through Execu/Tech PMS and Execu/Touch POS.  Depending on your version of Execu/Suite or Execu/Touch you may need updates to your Execu/Tech software for Execu/Gift to work properly.  Execu/Tech will advise.

Execu/Tech no longer provides gift cards.  Click HERE for a partial list or providers plus the encoding information.

Execu/Tech will install the software you need and will add the item to your Execu/Suite PMS menu.  We can add it to any menu you wish, such as Front Desk.  We also can add a toolbar icon if you wish.  For Execu/Touch POS you will use a POS menu item for sales of gift cards and a POS payment type to redeem them.

Execu/Gift cards and certificates may be used in any location on your property.  For example, they can be sold at the front desk and used in the gift shop or sold in the restaurant and used at front desk.  Your policies set the restrictions.

The following topics are covered in this guide:

Execu/Gift Setup and Configuration 
Selling/Issuing Gift Cards/Certificates
Redeeming Gift Cards/Certificates
Manual Entry / Edit / Delete
Donated Gift Cards
Reward Cards
Gift Card Reports 

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