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Getting Started

There are several things you will need to do to when you purchase and begin using your Execu/Suite property management software:

  • Return your signed Proposal to Execu/Tech Systems.  When we receive it, we will invoice you. Once we receive payment (as agreed upon per the terms of the Proposal), we will provide the software and license to use it.
  • Schedule installation with Execu/Tech technicians. (Installation is billable.) See Software Installation.
  • ​​Provide remote access to Execu/Tech technicians if you would like us to install your software.  We connect to our customers only through Remote Desktop client or RemoteET.  If you prefer to install the software yourself, please request a link to download the installer by emailing support@execu-tech.com.
  • Schedule training with Execu/Tech technicians.  (Training is billable.)​
  • Obtain a License Access Code from Execu/Tech by calling 850-747-0581 Opt. 2 between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm Central Time, Monday through Friday (holidays excluded.)  You will need to be in front of a computer with access to Execu/Tech so that you can enter the code as we give it to you.  This is interactive and cannot be done at a later time.  You can use the software in its "evaluation" state for 30 days, but we recommend obtaining the license access code as soon as possible.​
  • Create a User ID for yourself and other employees. User I.D. / Security Setup

  • Set up your company name, which will print on documents and reports. See Your Company Setup & Hotel Logo

  • Clear the evaluation data that came with your software.  Call Execu/Tech for instructions on doing this.  This information is not provided in this Help site.  Execu/Tech will provide these instructions between 9:00am and 5:00pm Central Time.  The phone number is 850-747-0581 Option 2.

  • Set up the control records, including rooms, rates, etc.  See Hotel Control Files Setup.  If you wish, Execu/Tech can set up these records for you for a fee.  You must provide the information to Execu/Tech in an Excel spreadsheet or a tab-delimited text file.

  • Set up master folios as appropriate.

Other Notes

  • If you intend to process credit cards through Execu/Suite, you must have an account with WorldPay (Vantiv) or Shift4.  This should be arranged at least two weeks in advance of "going live." Note that the purchase of Execu/Tech's credit card interface is required. Also note WorldPay and Shift4 will charge processing fees and may require devices be purchased through them. If you do not have an account with WorldPay or Shift4, Execu/Tech will get the process started for you. Credit Card Payment Processing

  • If you intend to use TravelClick's iHotelier Central Reservations System, you must have an account with TravelClick and this should be arranged at least two weeks in advance of "going live". Note that the purchase of Execu/Tech's TravelClick OTA interface is required. Also note that TravelClick will require separate purchase and will charge fees. If you do not have an account with TravelClick, Execu/Tech will get the process started for you. Execu/Tech also provides an OTA/GDS interface to Windsurfer and Sabre/SynXis. OTA / HTNG

  • Execu/Tech uses Comtrol® interfaces for call accounting, PBX, voice mail, electronic keys, etc. Phone, Movie, POS, etc. You must fill out and return the Interface Checklist prior to scheduling installation.

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