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Forms Print Too Large 

If you're using ETHTMLPrint or the Totem Print Engine to print HTML forms like Guest Folio, Confirmation Letter or a Guest Registration Card, it's possible that the form might print just a little too large, causing the end of a page to print on another page. 

  • You can identify an HTML template that uses Totem if it has "$TOTEM" as the first line of the document.
  • You can identify an HTML template that uses ETHTMLPrint if it has "$ETHTML" as the first line of the document. ETHTMLPrint also allows embedding these settings into the HTML template. 

Printing too large is usually fixed by adjusting the margins. We have a utility (ET Set HTML Print Defaultsthat makes this easy. However, you can also adjust the margins by selecting Print Preview in Internet Explorer and adjusting the Page Setup settings there.

If the version of the ET Set HTML Print Defaults utility you have is missing the "Shrink to Fit" option, you can download it here. Extract the file to the Execu/Tech software folder. ETSetHtmlPrintDefaults.zip 


Whether you use our utility or Internet Explorer to adjust the settings, there are some important things to be aware of.

  • Execu/Tech Cloud Hosting customers must use our utility.

  • This must be done at each computer for each Windows User that logs in.
    Execu/Tech Cloud Hosting customers will only need to perform this once per computer.

  • Shrink-to-Fit is often the setting that fixes the problem.

However, in many cases this doesn't take effect until the margins are at least .7. Because of this, these are the recommended settings:

Using the ET Set HTML Print Defaults utility:

  1. Click File > Special > Set HTML print defaults 


  3. Set these values in the utility:

  4. Margins  Margin_Top = 0.70 
    Margin_Bottom = 0.70
    Margin_Left = 0.70
    Margin_Right = 0.70
    Shrink To Fit  Checked


  5. Click Save.


Using Internet Explorer Print Preview Page Setup settings:

Page Size  Letter 
Portrait / Landscape  Portrait 
Print Background Colors and Images  NOT Checked 
Enable Shrink-to-Fit  Checked 
Margins  Left = 0.70
Right = 0.70
Top = 0.70
Bottom = 0.70
Headers and Footers  All should be -Empty-
Change Font  Do not use this 



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