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Folio Stops Printing (HTMLPRNT.EXE)

If your Guest Folio, Registration Form (Reg Card), Cancellation Letter, or any other HTML-based reports or forms stop printing, the following are possible causes:

  • The wrong printer is set as the default printer.
  • You recently had an update.
  • Your antivirus is flagging HTMLPRNT.EXE.

Check your default printer settings:

  • HTML based forms like guest folios, registration forms, etc., print to your default printer.
  • You must ensure that your Windows user's default printer is the correct printer.
  • If you are operating in a Remote Desktop session, make sure that the session's default printer is the correct printer. You can control this in your Remote Desktop client application.

If you recently had a software update, you might need to edit GAFOLWIN.HTM.

  • This file is located in your Execu/Tech hotel folder. (See Find Software Application Folder.)
  • Open the file with Notepad.  (DO NOT OPEN IT WITH WORD®!) 
  • Find "GUEST FOLIO" and replace it with "GUEST-FOLIO".  In other words, replace the space with a hyphen or dash.





Since the end of 2012, several customers have found that their antivirus software is flagging our HTML template printing engine (HTMLPRNT.exe) as having a generic virus. If this happens, the first symptom will be that guest folios no longer print. 

Sometimes, the antivirus software catches applications in a net that's set cautiously large. For example, any application that makes a call to the "GetAsyncKeyState" function in Microsoft's file "user32.dll" will be flagged as containing any one of a variety of colorful virus names, even though the application itself isn't a threat and doesn't contain a virus.


In each case we've seen, there was no virus, and the solution was to either make an exception for this file, or to install different antivirus application.


These following steps must be performed by the customer or the customer's IT professional.

We can't assist you in navigating your antivirus software to determine if it's causing the issue.  


HTMLPRNT.EXE Click here to download a clean, virus free replacement.

  1. Check the software installation folder to verify that HTMLPRNT.EXE is missing. If it is, your antivirus is the likely cause.
    (In some cases, your antivirus software may simply prevent HTMLPRNT.EXE from running and won't delete it.)
  2. Make an exception for the file HTMLPRNT.EXE in your antivirus software.
  3. Download HTMLPRNT.ZIP from the link, above.
  4. Unzip the contents (HTMLPRNT.EXE) into the PMS software folder.

If the producer of the antivirus software has technical support, please contact them and ask if they will accept a copy of the file so that they can make an exception in their definitions. All reputable antivirus producers will have a way to accept files for review.

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