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  Depending on what functions you use, there are several firewall settings that will need to be checked. This is the responsibility of your IT professional, and not Execu/Tech Systems 
These are the default settings required by our software. 

All Applications
  • (Users should be able to access this help site)
  • TCP/IP Ports 80 and 443 to www.execu-tech.com or (Execu/Tech website, help site, hosted tools)
  • TCP and UDP ports 135 - 139 and 445. (This is the default SMB ports and typically not blocked between client and server unless a firewall sits between them. This allows network shares.)

  Cloud Hosting
  • Outgoing port 3389 to an IP address that will be provided once your cloud system is configured. 

  • Shift4 Credit Card Processing from the client to the server where Shift4's UTG is installed - Contact Shift4 to Verify (702) 597-2480
  • Shift4 Credit Card Processing from the client to the internet - Contact Shift4 to Verify (702) 597-2480
    • TCP/IP Port 443 to *.i4go.com (required for i4Go V2)
      Shift4 maintains many IP addresses to ensure redundancy. You must contact Shift4 for a current list of IP addresses. 

  • The following are used to obtain the client's current public IP address. There are several servers used in case one or more do not respond in a timely manner. No data is sent to these addresses. A request is made to the URL and it responds with the IP address in plain text.
    Clink the links and if they open a browser and show your IP address, then your firewall settings are good.
  • Shift4 Credit Card Processing from the server where Shift4's UTG is installed to the internet (Shift4 Data Center) - Contact Shift4 to Verify (702) 597-2480
    • TCP/IP Ports 26880 and 26881 - Shift4 can provide you with a list of URLs or IP addresses

  • Customers using Vantiv / Worldpay will need to allow access to the following URLs. Both the client computer and the PIN Pad should have access to these URLs.
    TCP/IP Port 443 to https://triposcert.vantiv.com
    TCP/IP Port 443 to https://transaction.elementexpress.com
    TCP/IP Port 443 to https://services.elementexpress.com
    TCP/IP Port 443 to https://reporting.elementexpress.com
  • Execu/Vault BackupExecu/Vault 
    • If possible, make an exception for "ExecuVault2.exe"
    • TCP/IP Port 21 to services.execu-tech.com or
    • TCP/IP Ports 1180 - 1189 for FTP Passive Mode
    • TCP/IP Port 990 to services.execu-tech.com or (for secure FTP over TLS)
    • TCP/IP Port 80 to services.execu-tech.com or

  • Emailing from the applicationEmail Settings 
    • Your mail provider will have to provide you with the URL, IP Address and Port information.
    • TCP/IP Port 80 to www.execu-tech.com or (to access the online copy of the HTML editor should local access be blocked)

  • Support File UploaderSupport File Uploader 
    • TCP/IP Port 21 to supportupload.execu-tech.com or
    • TCP/IP Port 8025 to www.execu-tech.com or

  • Software UpdaterSoftware Update 
    • TCP/IP Port 443 to www.execu-tech.com or
    • Before running the update, download the latest version using the Software Update link, above.

  • CRS Reservation Interfaces (OTA / HTNG, Travelclick, Sabre, Windsurfer, etc.) - OTA / HTNG 
    • Contact your CRS vendor for the correct firewall settings. 

  • Travelclick GMS Interface
    • Contact your Travelclick representative for the correct firewall settings.

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