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  Depending on what functions you use, there are several firewall settings that will need to be checked. This is the responsibility of your IT professional, and not Execu/Tech Systems 
These are the default settings required by our software. 

All Applications
  • (Users should be able to access this help site)
  • TCP Ports 80 and 443 to www.execu-tech.com or (Execu/Tech website, help site, hosted tools)
  • TCP and UDP ports 135 - 139 and 445. (This is the default SMB ports and typically not blocked between client and server unless a firewall sits between them. This allows network shares.)


Cloud Hosting


Allow these outgoing ports

  • TCP Port 443 to the IP address we will provide.
    This is required for the Cloud Launcher app and for access of the Remote Desktop Gateway on the hosted server.
  • UDP Port 3391 to the IP address we will provide. 
    This is optional and may provide a more responsive experience to the user over only the HTTPS connection. This connection is secured using the same SSL as the HTTPS connection.

  • Shift4 Credit Card Processing from the client to the server where Shift4's UTG is installed - Contact Shift4 to Verify (702) 597-2480
  • Shift4 Credit Card Processing from the client to the internet - Contact Shift4 to Verify (702) 597-2480
    • TCP Port 443 to *.i4go.com (required for i4Go V2)
      Shift4 maintains many IP addresses to ensure redundancy. You must contact Shift4 for a current list of IP addresses. 

  • The following are used to obtain the client's current public IP address. There are several servers used in case one or more do not respond in a timely manner. No data is sent to these addresses. A request is made to the URL and it responds with the IP address in plain text.
    Clink the links and if they open a browser and show your IP address, then your firewall settings are good.
  • Shift4 Credit Card Processing from the server where Shift4's UTG is installed to the internet (Shift4 Data Center) - Contact Shift4 to Verify (702) 597-2480
    • TCP Ports 26880 and 26881 - Shift4 can provide you with a list of URLs or IP addresses

  • Shift4 IP Address and DNS Names Document
    This document is maintained by Shift4 and contains their IP addresses and DNS names that customers will need to make allowances for in their firewalls and routers. 
    The products that will be in use are i4Go and UTG, so pay attention to information specific to them.

  • Customers using Vantiv / Worldpay will need to allow access to the following URLs. Both the client computer and the PIN Pad should have access to these URLs.
    TCP Port 443 to https://triposcert.vantiv.com
    TCP Port 443 to https://transaction.elementexpress.com
    TCP Port 443 to https://services.elementexpress.com
    TCP Port 443 to https://reporting.elementexpress.com
  • Execu/Vault BackupExecu/Vault 
    • If possible, make an exception for "ExecuVault2.exe"
    • TCP Port 21 to services.execu-tech.com or
    • TCP Ports 1180 - 1189 for FTP Passive Mode
    • TCP Port 990 to services.execu-tech.com or (for secure FTP over TLS)
    • TCP Port 80 to services.execu-tech.com or

  • Emailing from the applicationEmail Settings 
    • Your mail provider will have to provide you with the URL, IP Address and Port information.
    • TCP Port 80 to www.execu-tech.com or (to access the online copy of the HTML editor should local access be blocked)

  • Support File UploaderSupport File Uploader 
    • TCP Port 21 to supportupload.execu-tech.com or
    • TCP Port 8025 to www.execu-tech.com or

  • Software UpdaterSoftware Update 
    • TCP Port 443 to www.execu-tech.com or
    • Before running the update, download the latest version using the Software Update link, above.

  • CRS Reservation Interfaces (OTA / HTNG, Travelclick, Sabre, Windsurfer, etc.) - OTA / HTNG 
    • Contact your CRS vendor for the correct firewall settings. 

  • TravelClick GMS Interface
    • Contact your TravelcCick representative for the correct firewall settings.

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