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File Error: 3000

If this error is occurring repeatedly while you are working, you are at risk of data corruption and data loss. Please stop using the Execu/Tech application until this condition is resolved. 


FILE ERROR: 3000      on [File Name]

The Execu/Tech application path is not accessible:

\\[Your Network Path]

Check your network connection.

Do not continue to use the Execu/Tech application if this error persists, as it could result in data corruption.

Press 'OK' to retry, 'Cancel' to exit.

[Time & Date]      


You may also notice that the application window titles will sometimes say "(Not Responding)". 

This error occurs when the client computer has lost access to the shared application folder on the server due to an interruption of the network. This interruption could be anywhere between the client and the server and doesn't mean that all network or internet services have been lost, just that the shared application folder is no longer accessible to the client computer. 


This error may be accompanied by other popup messages containing a variety of other errors. This is because other processes are still running that are also affected by the loss of access to the application folder. 


If access to this folder has been restored, you can click OK to retry the file operation again and it may be successful. However, if the folder is still inaccessible, the application may lock up with a "Not Responding" message in the window title, or it may close. Even if the access to this shared folder is restored, it's recommended to restart the application. 


If possible, save a screenshot of this error to provide to your IT professional. The information will be helpful in determining why this is happening. It can take up to a minute for the client operating system to realize there's a problem, so the time on the error may be as much as a minute off from when the problem actually occurred.


How to take a screenshot


If you're troubleshooting the issue and want to stop seeing the popup messages, you can add this line to the configuration file in the shared application folder.


Locate the file menuini.fil in the hotel folder and add the following at the bottom (on its own line) then save the file.


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