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Step 1:  Log in.
Step 2:  Select a table. 
Step 3:  Enter the number of guests. 
Step 4:  Select the seat number (optional).
Step 5:  Select the item  or the category then item. 
Step 6:  Select the modifiers for the item. 
Step 7:  Select "Send" or "Done/New".

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 Step 1:  Log in.
Swipe your employee card or enter your password and tap or click OK.

 Step 2:  Select a table. 

Touch or click the table where the guests are seated.  Select "No table" for to-go or room services orders.  If you have more than one section, you can choose the section you want to view by selecting the "Section XX" button.   If you are in a bar or quick service setting this screen may not display.

 Step 3:  Enter the number of guests
At the prompt, enter the number of guests and tap or click OK.  Depending on your User setup you may or not see this prompt.

 Step 4:  Select the seat number (optional).

 If you wish to enter seat numbers touch the seat button before entering the items for that seat.  For example, touch "seat 1" and then touch the items for that seat.  You can skip this step.

  To display Seat Numbers on the kitchen ticket:
Set Sort Kit to X in the POS Printer Setup for the kitchen printer. POS Printer Setup 

 Step 5:  Select the item category or the item

 After touching the seat button, touch the item or category for that seat.  You do not have to assign seats if it is not your policy.  If you select a category, items for that category will display. 

 Step 6:  Select the item's modifiers if applicable.  Touch Done on the modifier screen.

 If an item has auto modifiers, the modifier windows will open when the item is selected.  Touch the appropriate modifiers and touch Done.  If the item has more than one required modifier set, additional modifier windows will open after you are finished with the first set.  Some modifiers are required; for example, you must select a meat temperature if that is a required modifier set.  A "set" is a group of modifiers such as meat temperature, egg style, bread choice, drink mixer, etc.

To add a modifier manually, touch the "Comment button.  A keyboard will display, allowing you to enter the modifier.  Keep it short enough to print on the kitchen chit.

When you have finished entering modifiers and have touched the red DONE button, you will go back.  You will return either to the first screen or the screen containing the items within a category, depending on your User setup.  In the example below, the screen shows ENTREE items (items with in the ENTREE category).  To go back to the first page, you would select the "Page One" button at the top of your screen.

Continue entering items for this check.

 Step 7:  Send the check to the remote (kitchen or bar) printer.

Step 7a:  Select Send to send the order to the remote printer but keep the check open to add more items.
Step 7b:  Select Done/New to send the order to the remote printer, save the check, and return to the log-in screen.
If you wish to send items (such as starters or drinks) to the remote printer before you finish entering all of the items for the check, touch the gold Send icon at the top of the screen.  this will send the items to the kitchen or bar while keeping the check on the screen so that you can enter additional items.  Do not walk away from the computer until you touch DONE/NEW.  Otherwise, the check will not be saved.

When you are finished entering the items for this check or if you need to walk away from the computer, select the blue DONE/NEW icon at the top of the screen.  This will save the check, send any items to the printer that have not already been sent, and will take the computer back to the login screen for the next user.


A chit will print to any remote printer designated by that item's setup.

To add items to an existing check, select the table assigned to that check.  If there is no table or you do not know the table, select DISPLAY CHECKS.

Open the check.  If there is more than one check at the table, open the check you wish to add items to.

Items already sent will be in red.  New items you add will be in black.  They will turn red when you select SEND or DONE/NEW.

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