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ETHTMLPrint.exe is an HTML print engine that we've written to replace 3rd party tools. 


To use this method of printing you must add $ETHTML to the top of the HTML template.

ETHTMLPrint.exe /f FileName /p PrinterName /o Orientation /c Copies /m Margins /v ViewMode

FileName (Required): Full path to the HTML file.
PrinterName (Optional): Full text name of the printer.
Orientation (Optional): 0 = Portrait (this is the default), 1 = Landscape.
Copies (Optional): The number of copies to print. If not specified 1 copy will print.
Margins (Optional): Top,Right,Bottom,Left,ShrinkToFit (Example (Margins are in inches) = .5,.5,.5,.5,True)
ViewMode (Optional): 0 = Print only don't view, 1 = View only don't print, 2 = View and print.

You can also specify Margin, ShrinkToFit and Orientation in the HTML document. This allows you to customize these settings for each template without having to send these settings in the command line.

These settings will override the command line.
Place these settings at the top of the HTML document, before the tag. One setting per line. Use the examples given above for the values.
$MARGINS=Top,Right,Bottom,Left,ShrinkToFit (Example (Margins are in inches) = .5,.5,.5,.5,True)
$ORIENTATION=Value (0 = Portrait (this is the default), 1 = Landscape.)
$VISIBLE (This is the same as ViewMode = 1)

You can create a separate HTML file for each page and run this once per page.
You can also include all pages in a single file using the following code to insert a page break between the pages.

<br style="page-break-after: always">




Default Page Setup (Margins, etc.) 

If you edit these settings be aware that they only apply to the currently logged in Windows user and that they will affect all documents unless the document has these settings embedded.

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