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If you're looking for information on using Employee Login Cards, go here: Use Employee Login Cards Due to the time and cost involved in printing low volume gift cards, we no longer provide this service. If you need gift cards, you'll need to purchase them from a company specializing in magnetically encoded cards, commonly called PVC cards. There are many of these companies and their prices are much less than we could offer per card.

When ordering the cards, it's important that they be encoded properly.

  • Do not attempt to type the data encoded on these cards into the password field in Employee Setup. If you want to use employee login cards, you'll need to swipe the card into that field.

  • We recommend HiCo cards because they're most compatible with the card readers used by our customers, the encoding lasts longer and have fewer read errors over their lifetime.

  • The card must be encoded on TRACK 2 with a MAXIMUM LENGTH of 6 digits. 

  • Track 2 only supports numbers so the password must be numeric.

        After encoding, track 2 will have a character, or sentinel, added to the front and end of the account number. This tells software which track contains the data it received. The Start Sentinel Character for track 2 is ; (semicolon) and the End Sentinel Character is ? (question mark). If you see Sentinel Characters other than these, your cards are likely encoded on the wrong track.

        More Information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnetic_stripe_card  If you don't understand this information, you must contact a company that encodes cards and pass this information along to them. Execu/Tech does not provided encoded cards.

        Because the POS Employee password has a maximum of 8 digits, and the card reader inserts the start and end sentinel characters, you should only encode 6 digits on the card.

  • All other tracks must be blank.

  • When swiped, a password of "1234" will appear as ";1234?" This is because of the start and end sentinel characters added by the card reader. 

  • Because the start and end sentinel characters are included in the swiped password, the employee will not be able to log in without the card unless there is a keyboard attached to the POS terminal. This is by design and is intended to prevent employees from logging in for another employee or as a supervisor or administrator without having possession of the login card.

  • After encoding the cards you need to go here to enable your employees to use them. Use Employee Login Cards


This link will help you find vendors that can provide custom printed and encoded magnetic cards. https://www.google.com/search?q=custom+magnetic+stripe+cards

Click HERE  for Execu/Gift setup and procedures.

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