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EMV Credit Card Processing

EMV is an acronym that stands for Europay, Mastercard, and Visa, the three companies that created the standard. For a better understanding of what this is, read this Wikipedia article:  EMV Wikipedia


Execu/Tech software DOES NOT store sensitive cardholder data such as the track data, card number, or expiration date. Credit cards are tokenized and processed in a secure manner that ensures that you maintain the highest levels of cardholder data security and are PCI compliant.

There are NO credit card numbers stored in Execu/Tech software. Don't ask us to retrieve credit card numbers for you because it's impossible. Contact Shift4 or WorldPay for assistance.


How does EMV affect you?

The credit card industry is implementing security measures to reduce fraud and and at the same time, reduce your liability for fraudulent credit card transactions. This implementation typically involves the use of EMV PIN Pad devices, which are credit card swipes that have a keypad and allow a card with a chip to be inserted for processing. 

Switching from traditional credit card swipes to EMV PIN Pads may require you to re-think your physical payout and procedures. The highest security comes when the customer inserts their own credit card and answers any prompts on the EMV PIN Pad themselves. This may require you to make adjustments so that the EMV PIN Pad is easily accessible to the customer.

In addition to this, the customer may be required to enter a PIN. In a fine dining environment, where you have typically processed the credit card away from the customer, you should have at least one wireless EMV PIN Pad in the event that a customer has a chipped card that requires a PIN to be entered.

Do you need an EMV PIN Pad at every terminal?

No. There are several reasons why having an EMV PIN Pad wouldn't be required. While EMV PIN Pads are recommended for all terminals, you can still use our PCI compliant manual entry method. Manual entry is appropriate for terminal locations that never see a customer or a physical credit card, like a reservation office or the manager's office. However, an EMV PIN Pad is highly recommended at all terminals where the customer or physical credit card is handled. Processing the credit card on the EMV PIN Pad will ensure the highest level of security, and as a result, the highest level of fraud protection and reduced liability.



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