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  This application replaces the older Microsoft Outlook interface. Please contact us if you wish to use this newer version.

The new ExecEmail is a self contained email editor and sender that removes the need for customers to install Microsoft Outlook.  These are the files that are needed for it to function properly.
  ExecEmail.exe  This is the email application that uses the Customers SMTP Server. 
  ExecEmail-Outlook.exe  This is the email application that uses MS Outlook. 
  ETHtmleditor.htm  This is the template that displays the HTML editor, which allows you to see and modify the email before sending. 
  HTMLEditor  This folder contains the HTML editor code, images, etc. 
If this folder is missing, ExecEmail may not work. Please follow the instructions, below, and install it.

You can download v. 2018.9.6.1 of ExecEmail.exe HEREExtract this file into the PMS software folder.
*DO NOT replace a newer version with this one.

If you're missing the template and HTMLEditor folder, you can download them HERE. Extract the contents of this file into the PMS software folder. This also contains a free HTML editor, ETHTMLEditor.exe, that you can use to edit templates. Editing HTML Letters, Documents and Forms

This application requires the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 Microsoft .NET Framework

SMTP Settings

  You must contact your email provider to obtain many of the following settings. Execu/Tech Systems is not your email provider and can't obtain your email settings for you.
Your must verify that your email provider will allow SMTP Relay. If they don't allow SMTP Relay, emails will not send.

From the Execu/Suite folder, run the program "ExecEmail.exe". If you don't see the following prompt, you're running the older version.

This is the settings window. 
SMTP Server  This is the URL to your SMTP server. Get this information from your email provider. *REQUIRED

Username  This is your SMTP Username.  Get this information from your email provider. *REQUIRED for authentication

Password  This is your SMTP Password.  Get this information from your email provider. *REQUIRED for authentication

Port This is the SMTP Port. The default port is 25. Get this information from your email provider. *REQUIRED
Require Authentication  Check this box if your SMTP server requires authentication. Get this information from your email provider.

Use SSL / TLS Check this box if your SMTP server uses SSL / TLS (TLS v 1.2). Get this information from your email provider. 

From Address  This is the email address that will appear in the "FROM" field when an email is sent. This is also the address that will receive replies from the guests. *REQUIRED
You may need to have your email provider verify whether or not the from address can be different than the username. A discrepancy can cause a relay error.
CC Addresses  This is an optional CC address that will receive a copy of the email. This is often desired when you want to keep a log of all emails being sent from Execu/Suite PMS.

BCC Addresses  This is an optional BCC address that will receive a copy of the email. This is often desired when you want to keep a log of all emails being sent from Execu/Suite PMS. Us this if you want to hide the copied address from the guest.

Test  This button sends a test email to your "From Address." This allows you to test your SMTP settings. 

Save  This button saves the settings. 

Sending an Email
Sending an email is simple, often as simple as clicking the button to send an email in the reservation or account. You can also choose to display the email first. This allows you to edit the email, change or add to the "TO Address" and change the subject.

ExecEmail Unique 'From Address'

You can specify a unique From address by Terminal Number. This allows you to send emails from "reservations@" or "activities@", etc. based on the Terminal Number.
  This only works with the newer, non Outlook emailer. The Outlook emailer uses the user's From Address.
Your SMTP server must allow the From Address to differ from the username and password. For security reasons, many SMTP servers don't allow this by default.

To set the terminal record's email address, Go to System Maintenance > User I.D Setup > Terminal Record > 'From' Email Address:

All email documents sent from this terminal will contain this From Address.

Command Line Arguments

ExecEmail can be called with command line arguments. These are the available arguments.

  Alternate from email Address

  /a support@execu-tech.com 
  Guest's Email address 

  /e sales@execu-tech.com
  File containing email body 

  /f folio1234.htm

  No logo attached 
Normally, the logo, HOTELOGO.GIF is attached to the email so it displays for the recipient. If you host your logo online, you shouldn't attach the logo. 

  Email Subject 

  /s Fancy Resort - Confirmation

  Send aTtachment
Use this option, followed by a filename, to send a single attachment. The file must be in the same folder as this application an the filename can't have spaces. If you need to send multiple files, compress them into a .zip file first.                      

  /t myfile.zip
/v    Visible email 
If the email is visible, you have the opportunity to edit the email.
If it isn't visible, the email sends without allowing you to view and edit it.


There are only three reasons why ExecEmail will fail and they will usually cause these errors.

  1. Network or Internet problems are preventing ExecEmail from communicating with your email provider.
    Your IT professional can verify this. 

  2. The email settings are wrong or entered incorrectly.
    Your email provider can verify the settings.

  3. Your email provider doesn't allow relay either because your IP, user or sender isn't allowed.
    Your email provider can verify this and, if possible, enable it. 

These aren't all of the errors you may see but they are the most common.

In this example, "Mailbox unavailable" could mean that your username or password is wrong or that your email server doesn't allow relay.

In this example, the mail server is rejecting the sender. This may be because of a relay restriction or a spam filter. Please check the email settings and contact your email provider if the problem continues.

In this example, "Unable to connect to the remote server" likely means that your port number is wrong or there is no SMTP server listening. 

In this example, "The remote name could not be resolved" means that the SMTP server specified in the settings doesn't exist or can't be reached from your computer. In this example, the first part of the domain is misspelled.

Using the older Outlook based emailer

  Outlook must be installed at every computer that needs to email. The only exception is using Remote Desktop, where Outlook needs to be installed at the server with enough licenses for each user. 
You might also need to install this: Microsoft.Office.Interop

Menuini.fil is a configuration file in the PMS software folder. This file can be opened with Notepad and edited. Search for the line containing:
It might be commented out with a # in front of the line, or it might have =NO rather than =YES.
  • If it is commented out, remove the #.
  • If the line has =NO , change it to =YES

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