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Your Vantiv account must have "PASS" enabled. Be sure to let your Vantiv rep know this. This is what allows card tokenization, a critical part of your credit card data security.
To ensure that credit card tokens are maintained for an appropriate length of time, be sure that this line is added to the configuration file, MENUINI.FIL:


The number of days can can be changed. This shows our recommended default of 30 days for Guest History and 270 days for everything else.  
If this isn't done then credit card tokens will not be saved and cards that have been tokenized will have to be swiped again when used.

This applies to the Non-EMV method of processing credit cards.
 It's important to understand the flow of data between Execu/Tech Systems software and Element Payment Services. This understanding can help you determine if you are PCI compliant and can allow you to provide accurate information during a PCI audit.

If the proper procedures are used, there will never be any sensitive cardholder seen by or stored in Execu/Tech Systems software. To ensure that this is always true, you should never enter credit card data into comment, reference or note fields. 

   This is the flow of credit card data.
  1. Cardholder data is captured, either by a card reader or manual entry, in a secure web page and posted via HTTPS to Worldpay.
    You are required to use P2P Encryption via encrypted card readers provided by Element Payment Services.

  2. The Worldpay service returns to us a token consisting of a randomly generated alphanumeric string. The token is saved by Execu/Tech Systems software and is only usable between Execu/Tech software and Worldpay
    • This token is all the Execu/Tech Systems software will see. We never see the secure cardholder data and do not store the cardholder data.

    • If this is a Pre-Authorization then the flow of data stops here. Sales, checkouts, voids, etc. will follow the rest of this data flow.

  3. To complete the payment, void, etc., Execu/Tech Systems software submits the transaction to Worldpay using this token.

  4. Worldpay will submit this transaction to the back end processor.

  5. The back end processor will return the result of this transaction to Worldpay.

  6. Worldpay will return the result of this transaction and Execu/Tech Systems software will deal with it accordingly, whether it be a success, card declined, needs voice authorization, etc. 

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