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Editing HTML Letters, Documents and Forms  


Many of the forms presented to the guest are HTML templates. These can be edited Notepad or an HTML editor such as Microsoft Front Page® or Expression Web® or those listed in the "Optional Software" section in System Requirements.   



    DO NOT edit the HTML documents in Word®!

    This may insert code that breaks the formatting of the document when viewed or printed. 

Before editing any file, make a backup copy of the file.

You can open the file to edit in one of two ways:
  • Find the file in your Execu/Tech Hotel folder.  Right-click the file and select Open with and then select the editor you wish to use.
  • Open the HTML editor you wish to use, go to Open and browse to the Execu/Tech Hotel folder to select the file to edit.

The default names for the files are:

 Confirmation Letter, Printed    GARLEWIN.HTM
 Confirmation Letter, Email  GARLETTE.HTM
 Cancellation Letter, Printed   GARCAWIN.HTM
 Cancellation Letter, Email     GARCANCE.HTM
 Folio, Printed  GAFOLWIN.HTM
 Folio, Emailed  GAFOLEML.HTM
 Registration Form  GAREGWIN.HTM
 A/R (DB) Statement, Printed  ARSTOWIN.HTM
 A/R (DB) Statement, Email  ARSTOEML.HTM
 Thank you email  GAGELET.HTM

If you have multiple letters or registration forms, those file names will display in a menu when you select Print Letter or Reg Card such as shown below:

If you are not editing the default form, you will select the form by name to edit.

You may have up to eight confirmation letters, five cancellation letters, and five registration forms.  The following lines must exist in the file, MENUINI.FIL, which is in the Execu/Tech Hotel folder and should be opened in Notepad.  Your actual file names will replace "LE-NO-DEP.HTM", "GAREGWI2.HTM", etc.


DO NOT edit the HTML documents in Word® as this may insert code that will make the document not function properly.

When you edit the forms, do not edit tags anything in brackets or the brackets themselves, such as {ARRIVAL} as this represents information automatically populated from the reservation or folio.  However, you can delete the tag altogether if you do not want that information to print.

If you wish to add additional tags they must be inserted within brackets.  To see available tags, print the document you wish to edit.  Then go to the Execu/Tech Hotel folder and open MGPIN01.FIL in Notepad.  This file will contain different tags for confirmation letters, folios, and registration forms, and is overwritten with each HTML generated.  You will need to edit each HTML document prior to editing the next, or save the GMPIN01.FIL each time under a different name (File > Save as) so that you will have the information. The available tags are printed as follows:  GUESTNAME~ and the information before the tilde (~) is the tag you insert between the brackets {GUESTNAME} when you edit the form.

Some tags will not populate the document but most do.  If you have a special request, please let us know and we will let you know if this can be done and what the cost would be.

For new customers we will create the first HTML templates upon request.  Additional forms and editing are billable as clerical services and are not included in Execu/Tech support.

DO NOT edit the HTML documents in Word® as this may insert code that will make the document not function properly.

Our emailer uses a similar editor: Email Settings



ET HTML Editor


  This is a FREE utility provided AS IS with NO SUPPORT! If you want an HTML editor with more features, buy Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, Microsoft Expression Web, Adobe Dreamweaver, etc. The purpose of this editor is to allow you to modify the simple HTML templates used by our software.  We don't offer instruction on HTML. If you're unfamiliar with HTML, start here: http://www.w3schools.com/html/default.asp

If you can't find the editor, your software probably needs an update. You can download the editor here. Extract the contents of this file into the PMS software folder.  

 You must run this program from the PMS software folder.  You can try to create a desktop shortcut, which may or may not work depending on your connection method.



  • Internet Explorer 9 or newer

  • .Net Framework 4.0 
  • In the PMS software folder, locate and run "ETHTMLEditor.exe"

    If you see this message, you need an update. If you have internet access, the editor will still run, but any images will not display unless they're hosted online.


Using the HTML Editor
  1. When the editor opens, you'll need to click the Open button  and select an HTML template to edit. Select the file from the list shown.  Do Not select from the "Template Type" drop-down until you open the document.  See Step 2.

    You'll be asked to verify that you really want to open the file.

  2. Once you've opened the template for editing, you should select the "Template Type". This will show you a list of template specific dynamic tags that can be inserted into the document to display data from the database. 

  3. Now you can edit the HTML template by adding, removing or moving things around. 
    You can also add dynamic tags. To add a tag:
    • Click in the template where you want the tag to appear.
    • Select the Tag.
    • Click the blue add button.


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