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To view item detail (transaction history), to go Inventory Processing then select #6, Item detail display.  At the prompt enter the item code select Look-up if you don't know the item code.  At the next prompts, enter the location or press Enter to view all locations.  Note that if you specify the location only items in that location will display and your total inventory count will not reflect the total for that time.  Next enter the beginning date and ending dates. 

Below are step by step images followed by an explanation of the displayed information.

Here is an explanation of the information displayed at the top of the screen.


Location:  Shows the location  you entered; blank if you selected all locations
Begin date:  Shows the beginning date you entered    
Ending date:  Shows the ending date you entered
Qty on hand-EA:  Shows the current quantity on hand based on the STOCK unit of measure
Qty on order:  Shows the current quantity on order based on the PURCHASE unit of measure
Avg cost-EA:  Shows the average cost for each item on hand
Avg value:  Shows the average value of items on hand based on quantity on hand and average cost
Last cost-EA:  Shows the last cost for this item based on ITEM SETUP not on actual purchase cost
Last value:  Shows the value of items on hand based on quantity on hand and last cost

Here is an explanation of the transaction types.

Displayed is a list of various types of transactions.  Note that you cannot simply add everything in the "Quantity" column to get the quantity on hand.

ISSUE - shows both issues from POS  sales and issues from Miscellaneous Postings .

PURCHASE and RECEIPT - PURCHASE shows purchase orders and RECEIPT shows purchase order receipts.

ADJUSTMENT - shows two types of adjustments:  physical inventory (done via Physical Inventory) and adjustments via Miscellaneous Postings.

TRANSFER - shows two lines, one in the FROM location and one in the TO location for transfers done via Miscellaneous Postings. 

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