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Direct Bill - Execu/Touch POS Interface

To use the Direct Bill for POS charges, create a one-digit POS payment code with the description "A/R CHARGE."  This typically is used in membership clubs and stand-alone POS system where there is no Hotel, and you are not using Execu/Suite PMS. 

When your Execu/Touch POS system is integrated with Execu/Suite PMS, the proper way to create billable charges is to close the POS check to a guest room or master folio.  The POS payment codes for those will be ROOM CHARGE and ACCOUNT CHARGE respectively.  From the folios, a DB payment will be posted which will create the direct bill invoice for later billing.  Doing it this way will make sure all transactions show up in the hotel's Daily Report and AM Report.

To set up the POS payment code for A/R CHARGE go to POS Administrator > Payment Records.  Make sure the description is A/R CHARGE in all caps.  Click HERE  for complete instructions on setting up POS payment codes.

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