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Direct Bill / City Ledger

Direct Bill (City Ledger) is where you process customer accounts that have been set up for billing. 

Note that the setup for Membership Billing creates a different configuration than normal hotel A/R / City Ledger for direct billing.  It is unlikely you will need the Membership Billing feature, but it is included in this documentation for properties needing it.

Topics covered:


Control Files Setup (including transaction codes)
Customer Setup
Membership Billing
Direct Bill - Execu/Suite PMS Interface
Direct Bill - Execu/Touch POS Interface
Direct Bill - General Ledger Interface


Hotel DB Transfers
Transaction Batches
Open Item Payments
Manual Postings
Fix Out of Balance Direct Bill Accounts
Member Billing

Reports and Statements

Sample Reports

Customer Aged Trial Balance

Customer Detail Report

Transaction Batch Update Report

Open Item Statements

Balance Forward Statements

A/R Report Generator

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