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Comtrol® Interfaces

This interface installation checklist must be returned before the interface installation will be scheduled: Interface Checklist

  • Before submitting the interface checklist to us, have your vendor review the supported devices to be sure you are choosing the correct interface (DMM). Many phone systems have unique settings and needs. https://my.comtrol.com/support/supported-gss-devices.php.

  • If your device isn't listed, please provide us with details and we'll check to see if there is a comparable interface that might work. Often, device manufacturers will emulate another devices interface specs.
  • If no interface can be found, please let us know. We can initiate communication between your device vendor and Comtrol's development team to see if a new interface can be created.

  • You may also find that you can save money if one of your devices can perform multiple functions, eliminating the need for one or more interfaces. An example of this is DuVoice - it provides voice mail but can also relay messages to the phone system, eliminating the need for a direct PBX interface with Comtrol.

  • If you're using Avaya's IP Office, some newer Cisco and other non hospitality phone systems, you may need to use DuVoice to communicate between Execu/Tech and the phone system. If you can't find your PBX in the list provided by the link at the bottom of this page, contact your phone vendor and have them provide a list of compatible interface emulations or whether or not they work with DuVoice. 


All of our newer interfaces to 3rd party devices will use Comtrol’s Lodging Link PTS (LLPTS). This includes Call Accounting, PBX, Voicemail, Video On demand, Internet Billing, Energy Management, Point of Sale, Electronic Keys, etc.

There are 4 main components to the interface:

  1. Our PMS (Software)
  2. Our Interface (Software)
  3. Comtrol’s Lodging Link PTS (Software) https://my.comtrol.com/support/supported-gss-devices.php
  4. The 3rd party devices (Software or Hardware)

This is a data flow chart of a typical interface setup:

As shown in the image above, both Execu/Suite software and the 3rd party device will communicate via Comtrol's LLPTS using serial or TCP/IP connections.


LLPTS will typically run as a TCP/IP server and we will provide the 3rd party vendor with the IP address and port number necessary to communicate with LLPTS. However, if necessary, LLPTS can run as the TCP/IP client using the 3rd party device's settings.


When using a serial connection, it's the customer's responsibility to ensure that reliable serial ports are installed and working prior to installing the interfaces. Provide us with the port number and communication settings and we will configure LLPTS.

For more detailed network requirements, read this: Comtrol® Network Requirements


This greatly simplifies our interfacing to 3rd party devices. We only have to speak one ‘language’ to LLPTS, and LLPTS translates that into the ‘language’ specific to the 3rd party device.


For example, we send a single ‘Check In’ message to LLPTS, and LLPTS then sends that message to the PBX, Voicemail, Video On Demand, and Energy Management. Any additional messages we send, like a call restriction (local only, long distance allowed) will be relayed to the appropriate 3rd party device by LLPTS.


Posting is also simplified because we are getting the posting messages from one source: LLPTS. In the posting message we receive, we are told what 3rd party device sent the message so that we can correctly post the charge as a call, movie, internet charge, etc.

Click this link for a list of currently available Comtrol® interfaces.

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