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This is an internal document, not intended for public viewing. 

Installation involves several steps.

  1. Create the LLPTS image with the customer’s settings. This is an additional setup file that contains the specific settings for the customer. It is installed AFTER you install LLPTS.

  2. Install LLPTS.

  3. Install LLPTS customer image.

  4. Install our Comtrol interface.
Step 1 - Create the LLPTS image with the customer’s settings

This image is tied to the MAC address of the computer on which it is intended to be installed. It will not work on another computer. You must rebuild the image if the MAC address is changed.

  1. Log in to www.comtrol.com with the user ID and password in Connectwise then click on Build Wizard.

  2. Make sure there is a valid Email address. If not, click the link next to the field and add one.

  3. Be sure to be specific with the hotel name because some customers have several hotels.

  4. The product name must be Lodging Link PTS. Select the appropriate version for the OS on which LLPTS will be installed. 
    • v1.4 = Vista, Windows 7, Server 2008, 2011 (NOT SUPPORTED FOR NEW INSTALLS!!!!!! Only for reinstalling on on the same computer with the same interface image.)
    • v1.5 = Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Server 2012, 2016, 2019 and newer, unless there is a newer version of LLPTS, then use that for a newer OS.
    • Newer Version = Use this for the OS it says it works with. You can always try it and if it doesn't work, use an older version.

  5. The MAC address must be from the computer on which LLPTS will be installed.  Click NEXT.

On this page you select the 3rd party devices. The PMS version MUST be LLPTS – without startup (serial/Ethernet).

  1. Select each of the devices. 


On this page you select the manufacture of each device.


On this page you select the specific model of device. Many devices only have a single model so you won’t be required to select it.


On this page just make sure the item is selected.


On this page you should review the settings. This is your last chance to go back and fix any mistakes.
  • Property Name
  • Product Name (must be Lodging Link PTS for Vista / Windows 7)
  • Mac Address
  • Devices

Click Back if you need to fix anything.
Click FINISH if you're done.

Upload the file to the File Manager

You should receive an email to the "E-Mail to Notify" address when the image is ready to download. If you don't receive one within 30 minutes, log back in and select "Image Search" and perform a search with nothing filled in. This will show you all images and it will be at the bottom if it is ready to download. 

When you get the notification email telling you the image is ready:
  1. Download it and save it on your computer.

  2. Rename it to “Comtrol – Setup Image – CustomerName.exe”

  3. Compress it (.zip).

  4. Upload the compressed image to https://www.execu-tech.com/file-manager/.
    Use Chrome for the best results. IE and Edge seem to have a problem with caching file and folder names.

    1. Log in as support@execu-tech.com using the ETSupport user password.

    2. You'll now be redirected to the "updates" folder.

    3. so navigate to “components\interfaces\comtrol\customer images”

    4. If this image is for an existing customer, click on their folder. Be sure to delete the old image.

    5. If this is a new customer, create a new folder by clicking the "+ new" button and type the name of the customer.
      After entering the customer name, click "Save".

    6. Select this new customer folder and then click "+Add Files" to select the image file to upload.

    7. Once the file shows, click "Upload files".

    8. Refresh the browser and the file should be showing in the "Download Files" section.

    9. You can right-click the file name and select "Copy link" to save a copy of the direct download URL. You can paste this ink into the customer's browser to get the file.

  5. You may also attach a copy of this file to their organization in OS Ticket, but make sure the file manager always has the latest.

Step 2 - Install our Comtrol interface 

Our interface must be installed on a computer on the local network with the PMS software. The PMS software server is the ideal location but it's common to install on a dedicated interface computer.

Download the installation files here: ETComtrolInstaller.zip

Accept all of the defaults when installing. At the end of the install, you will be presented with the Windows Task Scheduler. You should open the settings for the ETComtrol task and uncheck the option “Stop the task if it runs longer than:”.  


It still needs to be configured. 

Step 3 - Install LLPTS

The LLPTS Installer can be found in the Control install folder. LLPTS can be installed on the data server but it's also common to have a separate computer that handles interfaces. This is a good idea because an 'interface computer' can be restarted without major disruption to the normal business of the hotel. This can also save the trouble of running serial cables from the 3rd party devices to the data server, which may be located in another area. All that's needed between LLPTS and the Execu/Tech interface (comtrol.exe) is a network connection.

Download the LLPTS (Lodging Link PTS) installer from the links below. Make sure you get the correct version. It MUST MATCH the version of the interface image.
Accept all of the defaults when installing.

Step 4 - Install LLPTS customer image
Download the customer image, created and uploaded in Step 1, to the same computer where you just installed LLPTS. This image will only work on the computer with the matching MAC address. Install it and accept all default settings. Comtrol® Setup

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