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Company Selection Keeps Appearing

When a new terminal number is assigned to a computer, you will see the Company Selection (Select Another Company) window if this terminal number has never been used before. Usually you just enter the company number for this terminal number and continue.


The default company number is 01. If you are unsure of your company number, try 01.
Note that this is a 2 digit number. 


However, you might find that the Company Selection window appears over and over, even after you enter the company number. This is usually because your Window's User does not have the proper permissions (Read, Write, Delete) to the software folder. If this is happening, please review the software installation page to be sure the permissions are correctSoftware Installation - Client


The issue can also be caused by the file GLCONTR.FIL being locked. This file is written to when the company is changed. There are a few reasons this file might be locked. Rebooting the server hosting the software will resolve any of the issues below.

  • A user has an error on their screen that mentions this file. You should click OK on the error message and restart the application.
  • A user has started the process to change companies but never completed it, leaving the company selection window open. Close this window and restart the application.
  • Antivirus or a backup may have the file locked. Usually waiting a bit will cause the file to become unlocked.

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