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Cloud Launcher Update

Cloud hosting will only be as reliable as your internet connection. If your internet connection is lost, you will also lose access to the hosted software. You should consult your IT professional to determine if multiple internet providers should be used to provide redundancy.

Review the Cloud Hosting Firewall Settings here: Firewall Settings

Contact your Internet Service Provider for each remote location that needs access and ask for the public IP address, addresses, IP address range, etc., that each remote location will use. Please provide us with this information. We need to whitelist these addresses to provide better security for your data and ensure uninterrupted access to the hosted software.

Click here to see your current public IP address


Failure to provide this information to us may result in restricted access if a user attempts to log in with incorrect usernames or passwords. Never attempt to use credentials that Execu/Tech didn't provide. Contact us if you're not sure which credentials to use.


To update the Cloud Launcher:

  1. Open the Cloud Application Launcher

  2. Click File and then Download Update.

  3. If you already have the latest version you will see this:

    If a new version is available, you will see this:

  4. Click Update Now to download the update.

  5. After the update has been downloaded, click Ok and the application will be restarted.


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