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Cloud Hosting - Important Issues and Settings

Cloud hosting will only be as reliable as your internet connection. If your internet connection is lost, you will also lose access to the hosted software.

You should consult your IT professional to determine if multiple internet providers should be used to provide redundancy.

  •  A configuration file on the cloud server must be edited and a line added. Execu/Tech support will do this.
    Open the file MENUINI.FIL and add this line: START-HOSTED=YES
  •  If you lose internet connection you will not be able to access the hosted application, and your credit card devices will not work.

  •  When you first log into the cloud application, our server and your computer must determine which of your printers are available to print to and which driver to use. Because of this, it can take a moment for your printers to become available in the application. Be prepared to wait as long as a minute to see all of your printers available in the application.

  •  You will only see printers that are installed on your computer in the application. If you need to print to a printer that's installed on another computer, it must be shared and installed on your computer.

  •  Point Of Sale terminals will be selecting "Redirected" printers. These are printers that your computer automatically shares with the server. They are easy to spot because they have "(redirected [sesstion ID])" added after the printer name. It may appear similar to this "EPSON TM-T88VI Receipt (redirected 105)". Each time you disconnect and reconnect, you get a new session ID but our software will detect this and adjust the printer setup for you after the initial setup. 

  •  All HTML print templates (Folio, Reg Card, Confirmation Letter, etc.) must use "Totem Print". This is a print manager that facilitates the use of HTML templates.
    This is done by adding "$TOTEM" to the top of the HTML template files.
    One symptom that lets you know this needs to be done is that print jobs will hang and cause the application to stop responding.

  •   For each terminal, you need to set the HTML print defaults. Because Totem Print uses some of the built in Windows functionality, you need to run this utility to clean up the print results.

    Click File > Special > Set HTML print defaults

    Accept the defaults if this is your first time running it. When you print things that use HTML templates and you find that the margins need to be adjusted, try tweaking the settings. The numbers are in inches, so 0.50 is half an inch.

  •  Enable Printer Event Logging (Microsoft-Windows-PrintService/Operational).

    Sometimes remote printing has problems. This is usually due to an issue on the client side and this setting may help identify the issue and help the customer's IT solve the problem.

    1. Open the Event Viewer (In the search bar type Event Viewer and click on it).
    2. In the left-hand folder view, browse to: Applications and Services Logs > Microsoft > Windows > PrintServices
      1. Click Operational.
      2. In the right-hand Actions section, Click Properties.
      3. Click Enable logging.
      4. Change Maximum log size (KB): to 20480.
      5. Click OK.

    Now the print job details will be logged from the creation of the print job until it's completed printing. These logs can be compared with logs on the hosted server to help determine where the issue is and how to fix it.

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