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  Cloud hosting will only be as reliable as your internet connection.
  • You should consult your IT professional to determine if multiple internet providers should be used to provide redundancy.

  • If your internet connection is lost you will also lose access to the hosted software.

  • When you first log into the cloud application, our server and your computer must determine which of your printers are available to print to and which driver to use. Because of this, it can take a moment for your printers to become available in the application. Be prepared to wait as long as a minute to see all of your printers available in the application.

  • You will only see printers that are installed on your computer in the application. If you need to print to a printer that's installed on another computer, it must be shared and installed on your computer.

  • If you lose internet connection you will not be able to access the hosted application and your credit card devices will not work either. 

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