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Accessing Execu/Suite Cloud from your Mac: 

1.  On your Mac, install Microsoft Remote Desktop (release 10 or later) from the App Store (This is a free app).

2.  Launch Microsoft Remote Desktop from your application folder.

3.  From the menu, select Connections > Add Feed.

4.  The "Add Feed" windows displays.  Enter your property's Hosted URL (supplied by Execu/Tech) in the entry box, then press "Find Feed".


5.  The "Select user account" window displays.  Select "Add User Account" from the "User Account:" drop down.


6.  "Add User Account" windows displays.  Enter the Username, Password, and "Friendly name" supplied by Execu/Tech.  Press "Add".


7.  The "Select User Account" window reappears.  Select the user added above.  The setup process begins.

8.  Once setup is complete, the "ExecuSuite" Icon appears in the Microsoft Remote Desktop window as a "Work Resource".  Double click the "ExecuSuite" icon to access your Execu/Tech Cloud application. 

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