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Clearing Advance Deposits Remaining

The report ADVANCE DEPOSITS REMAINING FOR CANCELLATIONS & NO-SHOWS should not contain any remaining deposits. 

It should look like this:

If you see deposits on this report, you should read the following information so that you can clear them.

  • Advance deposits should be zeroed out for all cancellations and no-shows. 
  • Prior to cancellation the deposit should be zeroed either by refund, cancellation fee charge, or both. 
  • For no-show reservations, the night auditor should always print the Expected Arrivals or the Arrivals and Departures Lists to find expected arrivals that have not shown up.  If these truly are no-show guests, the deposits should be refunded or forfeited using the correct codes. 

  • Refunds and forfeits are done in the same method as posting an advance deposit.  This should be done prior to Reorganize Files on the audit for the arrival date of these reservations.

  • On occasion, a reservation will get checked in, but the deposit does not transfer to the guest folio.  This can happen when you have network issues such as lost connections.  This also can happen when you override a "reservation busy" or "record busy" message when posting the deposit or checking in the guest. 

To clear older advance deposits that may not be on the Deposits Remaining report, you should PRINT GUEST DEPOSIT REPORTS, ​found on  your Reservations menu.  St the prompts, select Advance Deposits, and enter the earliest date you may have outstanding but invalid deposits.


If you are not sure of the earliest date, go to Display Folio and bring up the Advance Deposit master folio.  At the beginning date prompt, just press Enter or select OK.

Update Advance Deposit Folio​​


After night audit Reorganize Files is run, the auditor will run Update Advance Deposit Folio.  (Older systems may have Reorganize Advance Deposits or something similar; it is the same function.)  This program should never be run prior to Reorganize Files. 


The ADVANCE DEPOSITS REMAINING FOR CANCELLATIONS & NO-SHOWS report will print when Update Advance Deposit Folio is run after Reorganize Files. 


This report has a deposit, which will need to be cleared.


Clearing Advance Deposits


The first thing to do is look for the reservation.  Go to the reservation and zero out the deposit


If you do not see the reservation, then take the following steps:


  1. Make a note of the "CONF-NUMBER" as shown on the report as well as the amount. Make sure to observe whether the amount is a credit (with minus sign) or debit (no minus sign).

  2. Go to Post Folio or Enter Charges/Payments.  Bring up the Advance Deposit Master Folio. Note:  This is the ONLY time you should post directly to the AD folio.

    Follow these instructions carefully:

  3. Enter the code you wish to use.  If it is a charge code it will post a debit (unless you use a minus sign).  If it is a payment it will post a credit (unless you use a minus sign).  In the example above the charge code CORR is used.

  4. For the Ticket No. you must enter EXACTLY the number that printed in the "CONF-NUM" field on the report.  Include the leading zeroes, as shown in the example above.

  5. For the Amount, make sure to enter a debit if offsetting a credit; enter a credit if offsetting a debit.  If there is more than one line per confirmation number, you may do one entry for the SUM of all deposits for that confirmation number but make sure it is correct to the penny 

Below is what the Advance Deposit Master Folio looks like after the offsetting posting.  The first highlighted transaction is the original deposit.  The second highlighted transaction is the offset posted with the method outlined above.

After this has been done, the deposit should clear from the ADVANCE DEPOSITS REMAINING FOR CANCELLATIONS AND NO-SHOWS report.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The ADVANCE DEPOSITS REMAINING FOR CANCELLATIONS AND NO-SHOWS report prints as part of a night audit function and is not intended to be printed at any other time.  This program should never be run prior to Reorganize Files.  Even though this menu item produces a report, it is also a program that does a function. 

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