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After installing a new terminal, replacing a terminal, replacing a server or moving data from one server to another, you might experience errors similar to this:

Class Not Registered

This means that an ActiveX control is not properly registered. 

The most common area in the software to see this error is in Credit Card Processing. If this is the case, the files likely causing the error are one or all of the following:

To fix this error, follow these instructions: Register Programs and Controls

It's also possible that you might see a similar error when attempting to send emails using our older Outlook import. This could be caused by a variety of problems but one of them is that Outlook is not installed or that the interop controls have not been installed. If this is the case you should make sure Outlook is installed and that the interop controls have been installed. Microsoft.Office.Interop
Try running Register Programs and Controls first, then address the Outlook issues.

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