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Master folios are created so that charges and payments can be posted when those transactions will not be posted to guest folios.

The procedure for checking in a master folio is almost identical to checking in a Walk In guest.

There are three differences between guest folios and master folios and they are simple.

1.  The room number will be "M"               

2.  Usually, the departure date  will be the date that the folio is no longer needed.                       

  • If this is an adjustment folio for a one time use, the number of days should be 1 and you should check it out right away when you're done. 

  • If this is a permanent master folio, like a deposit folio, POS folio, etc., the number of days should be 999.

  • If this is a group master folio enter the group departure date.

3.  The folio type should be "MA" for most master folios.  Advance deposit folios should be folio type DE and clearing POS folios such as F&B or Retail master folios should be CL.

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