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Changes - Room, Etc.

To make a change to an in-house guest's stay, bring up the guest folio.  Make the change, such as a room assignment, extended stay, room rate, etc.  Make sure to save the folio when you are finished. 


See also: Guest Name Changes-Profile

Full field-by-field descriptions of the folio screen are HERE .

To increase a credit card guest's credit limit, bring up the folio. If there is already an authorization you will see the approval code and sequence number on the screen.  Click the "authorize card" button.  At the prompt enter the ADDITIONAL amount to authorize.  DO NOT change the "credit limit" field if there is a preauthorized credit card.

To void a preauthorization bring up the folio and click "Void preauth".   If a guest wants to use a different card at check-out than was authorized at check-in, you need to void the existing preauthorization.

If you are not using Guest Profile but would like to enter an email address for the guest, select the Options button at the bottom of your check-in screen.  Then enter the email address in the appropriate field.  Save the check-in prior to emailing a folio or other form.

You also can enter a Travel Agency code in Options.

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