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If you have questions about the compatibility between the printer and cash drawer, you must contact the manufacturers of those devices. Always be sure they are compatible with each other before purchasing.
  • Cash drawers are activated by a printer so you must have a receipt printer with a cash drawer plug nearby.

  • Before buying a cash drawer, make sure it's compatible with the printer you intend to connect it to.

  • Cash drawers are typically hardwired as drawer 1 or 2. Sometimes they provide swappable cables that determine this setting and sometimes they have built in cables. When purchasing a cash drawer, be sure you order the right one. Only purchase one configured as drawer 2 if you will be attaching 2 drawers to the same printer. Before you purchase make sure this is compatible with your printer.

  • The POS software can open cash drawer 1 or 2 based on the employee settings. This is typically only done in a bar setting where two bartenders use the same terminal or printer but keep separate banks.
  1. Make sure the printer and cash drawer are compatible.

  2. Make sure the cash drawer is attached to the cash drawer plug in the printer. The cash drawer must be connected to that terminal's receipt printer.

  3. Make sure the printer is properly configured in the POS Printer Setup. Failure to use the right driver or assign the correct printer type can cause the cash drawer to not open.
    POS Printer Setup

  4. Make sure the employee has permission to open a cash drawer. Set #17 in the Employee Records Setup to a 1 or 2 depending on the wiring of the cash drawer.
    If you want the employee to be able to open the cash drawer by clicking the No Sale button, make sure #18 in the Employee Records Setup is set to Y.
    Employee Records 

  5. Make sure the Terminal Record Setup allows a cash drawer. Set "Allow open cash drawer?" to Y.
    Terminal Records

  6. Make sure the receipt printer functions properly in the POS software. If the printer isn't printing then it won't be able to open the cash drawer.

If you're unable to get the cash drawer to open
  • If you're hearing it click but not open, the drawer is locked, stuck or the solenoid may be too weak. Contact the manufacturer.

  • Make sure it's compatible and properly connected to the printer.

  • Double check the printer, employee and terminal settings.

  • Try this cash drawer at a location that currently works. 
    • If the cash drawer works, compare the printer, employee and terminal settings to see if there is a difference.
      • If there is no difference in these settings, move the printer to the working location and see if it works with the same drawer.
        • If it works, double check the settings because something isn't set properly.
        • If it doesn't work, you may have a defective or incompatible printer.
    • If the cash drawer doesn't work you may have a defective or incompatible cash drawer. 
      • It's possible that the drawer is configured for the wrong cash drawer number. You can try changing this number in the employee settings but the manufacturer might be the only one who can tell you for sure.
      • You can sometimes test whether or not the electrical pulse is being sent to the cash drawer by using a phone cable with stripped wires. If you have a fast multi meter it should register around 12V on a pair of wires. It will be trial and error to determine which pair.

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