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 Calendar quick changes

The Calendar is a good way to view availability and prices for a period.  You also can make changes but is not recommended if here is a PMS interface.

From the main menu go to AVAIL. AND RATES - AVAIL. AND BOOKING RULES - Calendar.

If you wish to select a specific product/rate click the "settings" icon.  Then select the reference product from the dropdown.

Enter the start date and select availability from the "Show" dropdown.  

The availability for that period will display.

Select "Modify availability" from the Quick actions dropdown.   Change the quantity and then click Save modifications.

To change a range of dates, click "by period".  Click the ending date and then click the beginning date on the calendar.  At the popup, enter the quantity for that period.  See below.  Click Save modifications when finished.

To view prices, select "prices" from the "show" dropdown.  You will not edit prices here.

Default prices come from PMS and should not be changed in CRS.  To edit other prices, go to Products or Groups or Companies, depending on what you are editing.

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