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You must update inventory batches in order for your inventory to be correct.

When you enter physical inventory, create miscellaneous postings, enter purchase orders, and receive purchase orders, you need to update your inventory batches.  The batches will be on the workstation where the transactions were posted.

Most of the time, when you exit a screen a popup will ask if you want to print and update the batch.  You should go to Miscellaneous Postings at least once a day to see if there is anything in your batch that was not updated.  If so, update the batch.

A separate batch is created at POS End of Day Close and this batch needs to be updated.  The batch will be on the workstation where POS End of Day was done, unless a special parameter was set to send it to a different designated workstation.

Go to Inventory Control (or Inventory) > Print Update Postings. 

  When you set up computer shortcuts to the ExecuTech folder, you need to be mindful of the terminal numbers you assign. 
This is crucial.  See
Batch Terminals setup.

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